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2021 Headphones Finals: The best headphones of the year award

The best headphones should sound precisely like they are called, “the best”. These will give you the most bang for your buck, out of all the over-ear and small earbuds available — yet that doesn't mean they have to be inexpensive. While we've included some of our favourite budget headphones, the greatest headphones often have the most features, the most effective active noise cancellation, or the most beautiful and comfy design.

With that in mind, continue reading to learn about the headphones and earbuds that performed well and are award winners for best headphones in 2021. Whether you’re looking for a specific style, check out the best headphones online or best wireless earbuds online at Zumi.

With many different headphones to choose from, which ones are the best of the best?

Headphones are an essential part of our life, whether it's for a marathon run, a long train trip, or a day at the office. However, the first step is to identify the proper model, which isn't always straightforward. There are many questions which pop in your head: Is it better to use in-ear or over-ear headphones? Is it better to have cable or not? Do you want to use Bluetooth or not? Should you buy budget earphones or should I invest in the best options? With so many options in the market, here are some of the top picks of 2021 that are sure to suit different requirements and needs.

Best Headphones of 2021: What makes them top the list?

Audio Technica M50XBT2 Over Ear Bluetooth Wireless HeadphoneThe Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 are wireless over-ear headphones that can last up to 60 hours on a single charge. They are the next version of Audio-ATH-M50xBT Technica's headphones, with a sound profile that's more neutral and less boomy. In addition to this, they also have some new capabilities, including multi-device pairing and sound customisation using the companion app. While the new 'Low Latency Mode' does not significantly increase their Bluetooth performance, their latency with iOS and Android phones is sufficient for video streaming. The headphones can now be charged by USB-C rather than micro-USB and are certainly among the best headphones you can pick for yourself or a loved one.

Apple Airpods Max:

It's sometimes frustrating that the AirPods Max are so much more expensive than their noise-canceling competitors, but once you try them on, you'll find it difficult to take them off and why they are priced so high. The plush design and comfy fit gives off an immediate sense of luxury, which only develops as you begin to listen to music. The active noise cancellation is fantastic, the overall sound quality is clear and powerful, and the 3D Spatial Audio function is a game-changer if you've never used it before. This creates a surreal sound experience using head-tracking technology, which can provide movie playback a distinct advantage over other headphones. The battery life is also decent, with Apple claiming it lasts 20 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro:

If you are looking to buy wireless earphones, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is a fantastic choice. They're comfortable, sound amazing, and function well in terms of noise cancellation. These are a tad on the pricier side, but they're significantly less expensive than comparable goods like the Apple AirPods Pro, Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen), and Sony WF-1000XM4, and offer pretty much the same functionality (and better noise cancelling). The loss of an aptX-compatible codec is a disappointment, but the Samsung Scalable Codec makes up for it admirably. However, these are somewhat more expensive than prior Galaxy Buds offerings, however they may still be worth considering.

If noise cancellation isn't a priority, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus still has the best battery life of any true wireless earbuds on the market. So, if you're looking for a premium truly wireless experience, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro could be one of the most cost-effective options available in the market. Lastly, they are a great pick for everyday listeners that are looking for something simple and folks who desire to look amp and stylist while working out.

Jabra Elite Active 75T True Wireless In-Ear Headphones:

Jabra has discovered a way to improve our favourite wireless earphones by cramming a lot of power into a smaller, waterproof package. The Elite Active 75t outperforms the AirPods Pro in terms of battery life and sound, and it's charging case holds more portable power and is much more durable. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the dependable comfort and fit they provide with sweat absorption as one of many features on this product. The earlier flaws in the Elite 75t such as call quality and digital assistant support have now been addressed. The best part is that the latest over-the-air ANC update adds active noise cancellation to the earphones, which works remarkably well at filtering out ambient noise. Keep in mind that the Elite Active 75t provides excellent passive noise cancellation even when ANC is turned off. If you want bigger noise-cancelling effects, the all-new Elite 85t features its own ANC chip and produces superb noise neutralisation and sound making Jabra’s products in the best options to buy wireless earphones online.

Where to buy these amazing headphones at affordable prices?

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