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After O2 Meter, Here's What new medical feature we can expect in the 2021 Apple watch 7

Excited about what could be the new and exciting features that we can expect in Apple’s latest upcoming watch, which is Apple Watch 7?

If we talk about the upcoming Apple watch or any new product release cycles, Apple is quite consistent and regularly releases its most awaited products on decided time, and thus we are fully expecting that the Silicon Valley tech titan can announce at least one new Apple Watch anytime soon this year. Apple has been introducing one (or more) new smartwatches each for the past six years — since the year 2015, Apple announced its very first Smartwatch — and in 2021 we are expecting something very similar!

But the real question is that we should be discussing here is, then: how many new Apple’s Watch models will be launched this year? And what will be the new features added to this?

Will Apple announce one or two Apple Watch 7 models?

In 2020, Apple announced us two completely new smartwatches: the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. The amazing, Apple’s flagship Series 6 introduced a fresh blood oxygen sensor, along with a faster processor and some new vibrant colours. This was not very different from the previous apple watch Series 5.

The Apple Watch SE was mostly identical to the others, but did not had the always-on display, did not had blood oxygen sensor, and also the electrical heart sensor (so it do not have the feature of taking an ECG).

We are expecting that apple’s new generation watches might be announced this coming fall around September 2021 with might be a flat-edged screen. While we still need to wait for quite a long for these, we are curious and paying close attention to rumours and rumblings of what they might be like. Jon Prosser leaks are what we all are waiting for all the updates and rumours. Also, we might expect a new generation iPad air this year soon. Here is what we are aware of so far, about the apple watch 7.

The next Apple Watch 7 could tell you if you're drunk

Apple watch 7 Could Track you Alcohol Levels

Can a watch track your blood sugar level or your blood alcohol level? Well, if we believe the telegraph, the new generation Apple Watch is rumoured to be able to track your blood pressure, your blood glucose monitoring, your blood pressure and surprisingly also, your blood alcohol levels. The inbuilt new sensor may perhaps shine infrared light through your skin to take these measurements. This is a similar kind of sensor that was used in Series 6 that helped in tracking blood oxygen levels and heart rate.

Like before, and as always Apple says that the new Apple can not — and should not — be a replacement of your doctor or a medical professional that you to for your general medical check-up, but it will be intended to give you a better idea of your current health, it does track your sleep tracking which is a great feature. Having said that, if at all you are in the need of an Apple Watch to tell you if you are drunk or not... you probably are!

A more rugged Apple Watch 7 design?

If we believe Bloomberg, Apple, in its next release might come up with an idea of a special edition which would be a more rugged design and would be targeted towards athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and people who use these watches in a rough and tough manner.

Apple launched the Series 6 watch and the SE with the special feature to keep a track of more activities like walking, swimming, yoga, and dancing, and sports like basketball, soccer, and surfing etc. and we think that this new, more rugged, and sporty Apple Watch could be aimed for such people only. And, good battery life will be a blessing.

If we are not expecting them anytime during the coming fall, this rugged Apple Watch edition could be on the roadmap for 2023.

The Series 3 is on its last legs after the release of the Apple Watch 7

What will hapen to Apple watch 3 after watch 7 releae? It was not less than any surprise when during last fall Apple announced that it will continue to sell the Series 3, which was its 3-year-old Apple Watch. Mostly, Apple doesn’t exceed the time frame of more than two years to stops selling its smartwatches and in some special cases, it stopped selling its watches like the Series 4 and the Series 5 after just one year (the reason for this could that these were very similar to the new generation models).

Still, after approximately four years of being in the market, Apple would surely stop selling its Series 3 smartwatches. The key reason is that, as pointed out in The Verge, it's too old to be easily installed the latest and upcoming software updates.