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Australian PC market grows 11% in 2020 on increasing work from home demand


The PC market has seen a higher share of rise amidst the pandemic. From increasing work from home productivity to indoor entertainment, PC makes it all easy for you.

With the PC market share in Australia witnessing such a rise many new market trends also emerged. Which is the best PC online at this time? And how Pandemic led to increasing in it? Read the answer to all of your queries here.

How this Pandemic Increase demand for PC

Increasing demand for personal computers due to work from home

The year 2020, led to a shift from mobile devices to personal computers with sales numbers rising to 10 years high. Schools in Australia were either closed or ran hybrid online classrooms which made people shift to the things that could enhance the lives of students at home, PC was one of them. With people restricting themselves behind closed doors Personal computers became the saviour. Households slowly started to move towards 1 PC per person mode.

Work from home also drove the sales and the world shifted its focus from Phone-first to using PC as an essential device. Using PC not only lessened strain to eyes as compared to the less-wide screen of mobile but was also more compatible with the software. From work to school, social or entertainment everything was smooth and easy with the use of a PC. It also made people stay close to their loved ones through online mode while following social distance and travel ban.

With the variety of options in viewing, PC became the new normal even for people who shifted to new mobile technologies in the past few years possessing more demand.

PC market battles supply issues but demand remains strong

Due to demands from consumers and students PC shipments rose 12.9% which may reach 18.2% in 2021. According to the Q4 of IDC Quarterly Personal computing device tracker 2020, the Australian PC market grew by 11.8%. Even during the Black Friday holiday season market posted record demand.

2020 started with a constrained supply of Intel processors and PC in the market. As soon as the work from home culture started, it led to accelerated demand for PC for office purposes. The demand was constant but the growth in the PC market was hindered by around -1.7% due to shortages in components. PC companies were getting thousands of orders per day which led them to battle for supply while meeting the demands of consumers.

The People relied more on digital ways especially on PC, desktop, notebook, workstation during this pandemic. They started to switch to this for their education, buying essentials, running a business and many other things. Even now when companies are reopening the demand for PCs still remains high and will continue to be there for years as people have included it in their day to day lives.

Which is the best PC to buy online?

Right personal computer for you

The best PC to buy online is the one that is multi-functional. According to the need and features here are some of the best PC one can go for-

  • Apple iMac Pro- Apple iMac has always been a favourite for office goers. With an excellent design and the most powerful of its time, it has bags of RAM and hefty graphic processing power which makes it best for work as well as entertainment.
  • Dell Optiplex 3050 Micro- Dell has always been one of the best for business purposes. With flexible specifications and slim design, it makes the workplace look more elegant while giving the best work.
  • Hp Chromebook 14- Being budget-friendly and loaded with features it is one of the best for students. It aces a balance between portability and ample screen space as well as a vivid display.

Other than these if you are going to buy a new PC remember to check its specifications according to your work requirements.


In the times of Pandemic where most of the industries saw a recession, the PC market turned out to be a new gamechanger. It changed the scenario of the Australian market trend witnessing a never thought acceleration in the PC market share. People are now shifting more towards it, one family is having 3-4 PCs (Desktop, Chromebooks, iMac, Notebooks) because they are realising its benefits and multipurpose use.

If you still have doubts about the advantages of the PC and its increased percent in the market, you should buy one and definitely you’re going to love that.