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Canon EOS R1 - A Camera worth the wait!

If we believe the latest rumours, Canon is going to come with a few noticeable development announcements maybe by the end of 2021. If you are also amongst the interested candidates who are planning to buy canon eos r, then you are at the right place.

We have collected some authentic and genuine information for our readers that will help you in getting a perfect view of the upcoming Canon EOS R1, its features, specifications, the expected release date based on the rumours, and what could be the possible cost of this upcoming camera.

Features and Specifications Expected from Canon EOS R1

If we go with the rumours that are making the rounds about the expected specifications of Canon EOS R1, we have got some amazing stuff from our trusted sources for you.

We know such a camera is in the coming, most rumours foresee an announcement within 2021. Without further delay, below listed are a few of the specifications of the upcoming camera Canon EOS R1:

  • Comes with approx. 85MP global shutter CMOS imaging sensor
  • It also has Approx. 85MP at 20fps, 21MP at 40fps unlimited continued shooting
  • Full Sensor Large Quad Pixel Auto-focus technology
  • 15.5 EV+ wide dynamic range
  • ISO 160-1638400
  • 5-axis IBIS up to 9 stops
  • 3.5” 9.33MP 1280nit 10-bit WCG RGB-OLED touch screen with 120Hz AE-AF
  • 9.44MP 120Hz SuperSpeed AE-AF electronic viewfinder
  • The expected price in the USA could be around $8,500

The list of specifications will definitely make you think that this is a “too good to be true” kind of thing. If we think of this from a different angle, no one expected the R5 to be so amazing, rich in features and delivers outstanding performance. Thus, we can expect all the above-mentioned killer features in the upcoming EOS R1. Whatever the case is, for the time being, we would recommend you take it with a pinch of salt.

Expected release date and price

The Canon EOS R1 is a flagship camera and is primarily focused on sports photographers which we can say is mainly focused on sporting events. If we go with the pattern, it is that mainly the sports event for which Canon’s series strive.

We have noticed that Canon consistently releases their new 1 series camera right before when the Olympic games start. The Canon EOS 1DX Mark III was supposed to be launched in January 2020 but, unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Olympics got postponed till 2021 and thus the latest release was postponed to 2021.

Now if we talk about the next release, the new Canon EOS R1 is expected to release either at the time of World Cup 2022 or expectedly the next Olympics, which is to be helping in Paris in 2024.

Canon EOS R1 Price –

It is going to be quite easy to guess the price of Canon EOS R1 if we look back at the release prices of its predecessors, the 1DX2 and 1DX3. Individually, both of these were priced at US $5999 and the US $6499.

With the Canon EOS R1 being the next 1 series, but it is the first mirrorless 1 series camera, we are expecting the premium price difference could be a bit higher than its previous variants. If we believe the Rumours, the cost of Canon EOS R1 is believed to be around $8500 USD, we are also hoping not to be true for the sake of our wallets!

Add on accessories for Canon EOS R1

Other Accessories required with canon cameras

What are the impactful accessories for Canon EOS R1 that can create a difference when it comes to having wonderful pictures? Below listed are the few -


The Canon EOS R1 cameras offer a lot newer shooting possibilities for photography lovers and video creators and filmmakers. Innovative lenses that can be an add on accessories for Canon EOS R1, offers its users lightning-fast focusing that too with outstanding optical quality at the same time offering compatibility with the fabulous EF lens range. All thanks to a wide range of adapters that perfectly connect Canon EOS R1 System cameras to existing EOS users and their EF and EF-S lenses.

Battery / Battery Grip

The battery/battery grip is a great accessory for the Canon EOS R1. This battery not only enhances the User experience but also gives a chic look to the camera. It has great features like a shutter release button, a multi-controller, and an AF area selection button. It is constructed from magnesium alloy and provides complete comfort and control in a vertical position.

Speed Light / Flashlight

This is amazing to enhance the photography experience of camera lovers. With this, you get different switchable modes, comes with different modes like autoflash, fluorescent, adopt wireless etc.

Where to buy Camera and Camera Accessories online in Australia?

Where to buy camera and camera accessories online in Australia

Now that you are clear with all the features and specifications of the upcoming Canon EOS R1, we would recommend you have proper research on where you should buy this camera and the camera Accessories online in Australia. We recommend considering Zumi to buy your favourite camera that offers the best price, hassle-free buying experience for its users and most authentic products and accessories. Do not wait! Visit the online store today.