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Canon EOS Series & Nikon: The 4 most exciting upcoming Cameras of 2022

Choosing the best camera is simply about deciding the camera which is ideal for you. This is because there are so many options out there and spanning so many areas, that labelling them as "best" isn't always straightforward. Do we ask if there is a difference between an AUD 2,500 full-frame mirrorless camera and an AUD 600 GoPro? The answer is no if you're snowboarding down a mountain and capturing 4K video. Then comes the matter of money. Obviously, a 2,500 AUD camera will capture better images than a 400 AUD camera, but the 2,100 AUD difference in image quality may not be worth it if you're simply going to use it for social media.

But the good news is that practically every camera these days is a fantastic shooting machine loaded with photographic technology to assist you in capturing the greatest photographs possible. Canon aims to dramatically expand its camera lineup over the next few months. So, no matter what your preference is, the upcoming canon cameras in 2022 will be here soon to serve all your needs.

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The upcoming Canon cameras in 2022 rumours are spreading like wildfire! EOS series is the most comprehensive system of digital interchangeable lens cameras, lenses, and accessories in the world. You can take your first steps into EOS photography with ease and experience and get amazing image quality and many creative possibilities. So, we at Zumi, have listed the most reliable rumblings and reports regarding what's to come next are included below.

Canon & Nikon Cameras: 4 Exciting Worth Waiting For

Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming Canon and Nikon cameras in 2022:

canon Eos series

1. Canon EOS R1: 

Among the upcoming canon cameras in 2022, the Canon EOS R1 is making rounds. Rumours suggest that the Canon EOS R1 is said to have a worldwide shutter and would assist to eliminate difficulties with rolling shutter distortion. However, because of the difficulties associated with worldwide shutters, this isn't a given. Further, we predict a groundbreaking Quad Pixel AF in autofocus. It is expected to have a new quad-pixel autofocus mechanism which could result in improved AF on both the horizontal and vertical axes and should work on focusing on subjects with edges parallel to the camera lens. It will almost certainly feature a larger body and battery than the Canon EOS R5. This is due not only to the technology it must integrate but also to its role as a hybrid powerhouse. However, there is currently no consensus on the resolution of the Canon EOS R1 but we see the possibilities for a 45MP, 21MP, or even a 90MP sensor. Given Canon's development announcement of the EOS R3, the Canon EOS R1 is now a little further away than we initially expected. However, reports imply that the Canon EOS R1 release date is yet to be decided.

2. Canon EOS R7:

The Canon EOS R7 is expected to be a significant camera, especially if you can't afford the current full-frame mirrorless flagships. This is because it's rumoured to be Canon's first RF-mount camera with an APS-C sensor. This might make it a cost-effective yet strong way to get into Canon's mirrorless system, with a camera that's well-suited to wildlife, sports, and video. The EOS R7's expected video specs include a max capture mode of 4K/60p or 120fps at 1080p resolution for slo-mo. However, here is a word of caution: Canon EOS R7 rumours are still in the early stages. So yet, no major leaks have surfaced, and it looks that the pandemic's knock-on effects on supply chains and chip shortages have pushed the Canon EOS R7 release date back a little. However, speculations of Canon's first APS-C camera have persisted, and trustworthy sources claim it could even be released this year.

 3. Canon EOS RS:

Not to be confused with the EOS R5, Canon is said to be working on a high-resolution full-frame mirrorless camera to compete with the 61MP Sony A7R IV, and some sources even indicate a medium format-rivalling 100MP EOS R is in the works. The latest rumblings come in the shape of a list of supposed specs for the Canon EOS RS, a reference to the Canon EOS 5DS. According to these rumours, the camera will include an 80MP sensor, as well as a somewhat larger body than the EOS R, with a larger grip, LCD, and EVF. The "viewfinder" (it's unclear whether this refers to the EVF or the LCD) can also be adjusted up and down, and the camera has a "new style" of the joystick (perhaps the Smart Controller from the 1D X Mark III, which is also found on the R3), as well as twin SD card ports.

2. Nikon z30:

The Nikon z30 release date was scheduled for 2021, however, it was postponed. In early 2021, some leaked designs were also shared. Nikon Z30 rumours, is said to be Nikon's entry-level Z Mount APS-C camera with a Z-mount developed in the affordable range. This might be a super-compact DX camera with no electronic viewfinder, a fixed LCD screen, a single microSD card slot, and a 24 or 26MP sensor, according to speculations from Japan. However, we now anticipate hearing about it in August or September 2022. The camera will be delivered without an EVF and with limited basic specifications for entry-level consumers.

As these cameras are yet to come, look at these exciting cameras online!

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Despite the persistent component shortage, camera rumours have continued to circulate at a great pace — and show no signs of abating. The Canon EOS M6 and the Canon EOS RP are all good all-around cameras, even if they don’t feature the most advanced video settings or the fastest continuous capture. Plus, the pricing for a new full-frame mirrorless camera with a big list of capabilities and excellent image quality is hard to beat. You can further check out Nikon Z7 II, Canon EOS 6D or 850 D at attractive rates and discounts on Zumi.

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