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CASIO announced first G-Shock smartwatch with wear OS by Google

Casio has announced the debut of the latest casio watch, the GSW-H1000, a G-SQUAD PRO smartwatch powered by Wear OS by Google TM and packed with features that help you remain active by tracking your activities and setting goals. The GSW-H1000 is the newest addition to the athletic G-SQUAD family of G-SHOCK watches with shock resistance. This latest casio watch, the GSW-H1000, is a flagship product in the sports-focused G-SQUAD line, and it's perfect for everything from running, indoor workouts, road bike, and swimming to more extreme activities like surfing and snowboarding.

The robust smartwatch is water resistant to 200 metres and includes a variety of activity options such as running, indoor workouts, road bike, swimming, surfing, and snowboarding. An optical heart rate sensor is also included in the G-Shock smartwatch. It has a dual-layer display with an always-on LCD for time and a colour LCD for high-definition maps, sensor data, and other information. If you are planning to buy a Casio smartwatch, it is sure to be on top of your list.

Casio announces the much-awaited news on Casio Smartwatch

Casio is teaming up with Google to go all out. The venerable watchmaker has just announced that its new wristwatch, the GSW-H1000, will run Wear OS. This huge, durable smartwatch comes with various sporting functions and is the G-Shock brand's first comprehensive smartwatch. In fact, the GSW-design H1000's prioritizes wearability, with a soft urethane band that provides flexibility and durability, as well as specific components used between the band and the case to create an extremely pleasant fit.

The new smartwatch is built with all the toughness of a G-SHOCK

The G-Shock brand has long been associated with toughness and endurance, and this new smartwatch appears to carry on that tradition. While Casio hasn't revealed its actual dimensions, the images reveal that it's a big guy with a titanium back for added strength. It's also resistant to stress and wetness (up to 200 meters).

It has a dual-layer display, with an always-on LCD for timekeeping and a colour LCD for the remainder of Wear OS (like maps, notifications, sensor data, and so on). The GSW-H1000 is the first Wear OS G-Shock wearable. Casio has used Wear OS on some of its watches before.

In fact, there is a lot more. We see that a GPS, an optical heart rate sensor, an altimeter, a compass, a barometer, and several sensors are all included in the new Casio watch. The Casio app, which includes 15 activities and 24 indoor training alternatives, also has different workout functionalities. Running, trail running, and mountain biking are just a few examples.

The G-Shock Move app, which is available on Google Play and Apple's App Store, can also be used to track the data collected by the Casio G-Shock GSW-H1000 smartwatch. It has a Sensor overlay feature that lets users combine video and still photographs from their activities with data from the watch to create layered visual material that can be shared on social media.

Provides amazing flexibility and durability

The watch offers amazing flexibility and comfort. The latest Casio smartwatch has a great water resistance rating and a corrosion-resistant titanium case back with a titanium carbide finish for better abrasion resistance. It has a flexible and durable urethane band, as well as "unique components between the band and case to ensure a highly pleasant fit." GPS is also included in the watch (including GLONASS and QZSS).

In short, it encompasses everything, including Google Assistant, Tiles, and Google Fit. The product website, however, does not specify whether the watch is powered by Qualcomm's newest mobile CPU (Snapdragon 4100), the 3100 processor (which is over two years old), or something else.

The watch also has a 1.5-day battery life and charges via a water-resistant charging connector. However, some users and experts may have expected it to have a longer battery life given its intended use outside, especially when compared to Garmin's Fenix series on top sports watches. In addition to this, the GSW-H1000 is available in three colors: black, red, and blue, with an aluminium accent button on each.

Release Dates, Prices and Availability

In Australia, the Casio G-Shock GSW-H1000 is expected to cost around 1200 AUD (approximately £599). As per another report, the smartwatch costs $700 in the United States. In the United States, the watch is yet to be listed on the official website. Though Casio's smartwatch is expected to be available for purchase in May in some countries according to reports, there are currently no details about its availability in other markets, including Australia.

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