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Google Nest Hub - Combo of Smart Display & high-precision sensors For your home

Google Nest Hub is one of the simplest and smartest home devices in the market. It boasts a 7inch display, built-in Google Assistant, built-in Chromecast, multiroom audio, and much more for an immersive homely experience. Google also offered Google home nest max & Google Nest Hub Max with a 10-inch display, more powerful speakers, and a camera.

The Nest Hub is a smart controller and is into its second generation now. The Google Nest Hub 2 has a differentiating feature that gives it the ability to track your sleep using a built-in radar sensor. There are more top features that you should consider before buying Nest Hub such as Motion Sense for gesture control, support for Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube and All 4 TV content, and built-in Google Cast functionality for streaming video.

How Google’s high-precision sensors help You?

The Nest Hub includes Google’s Soli sensor for air gesture controls or motion detection, light and temperature sensors, facial recognition sensor, and the chip housed within the speaker can tell you how long you slept and how restful your sleep was. The use of the Soli motion sensor has helped Nest Hub add and upgrade its features. Below are some.

Control Smart Lighting via the Google Nest Hub:

Hub has smart light sensors that dim the home screen as soon as you switch off the lights at night. It also gives you the ability to control the lighting and adjust it according to your surroundings.

Nest Doorbell & Security Camera:

Google Nest hub has put all efforts into helping you build a connected home. It combines the familiar convenience of a doorbell with the trusted security and intelligence of a Nest camera. It has the power to light up and alert you on the screen even before someone rings the doorbell. Google Hub announces visitors and ensures a top-notch security system by using its powerful sensors.


The use of a sensor in Google Nest enables users to fine-tune their comfort by adjusting thermostat temperatures according to the environment. It allows you to set temperature schedules and save energy by turning itself down when you leave the house.

Google Nest Hub sleep sensors monitor:

Google Nest Hub analyzes motions like breathing and body movement without the use of a camera and detects your sleeping pattern. The device’s amazing sleep sensing metrics include sleep duration, schedule and quality in a timeline format. After enough data on your sleep profile, it offers actionable advice based on the timeline of your overnight activity.

The Smart Display to Show You All

Google nest hub has a multifunctional screen to show you everything

Google’s smart display UI is taken to another level with the new Nest Hub. Google Nest Hub has a smart display of 7inch offering style and design like no other. The display is raised about 2cm from the surface Hub is placed on and mounted at a fixed but sensible viewing angle. You can manage calendar reminders, digital photo frame, google photos, video calls and manage all your smart home devices

It features an edgeless glass display that looks more modern and sleek and provides a better experience. You can even use it as a digital frame for your pictures. 

Design that matches any room

The new Hub comes in four aesthetically pleasing colours; Chalk, Charcoal, Mist, and Sand. The device feels rock-solid and takes up less space than a small frame. The product is placed at a great viewing angle and does not cover up a lot of desk space.

Google nest hub has a design that matches with every room

On the back of the Hub’s screen, there’s a slider button to turn off the three far-field mics along the top edge and volume controls along the right-hand side, all of which are easy to locate and maximise screen space.
The Google Nest Hub design screams minimalism and can perfectly match the tones of your house. The neutral shades will also help the product blend in with your interiors. The aesthetic upgrades, though minor, make it look more luxurious.

Still, Confused about Whether to buy Google Nest Hub or Not?

Google is offering Google Nest Hub with plenty of streaming support, smart skills, motion sensing and sleep monitoring tech at an amazing price. The magic of Soli Motion Sensor is an additional blessing to the product that can detect even minor disturbances during your sleep. Google Hub is also providing a better display UI than before.

Google Nest Hub is offering a lot of wondrous features under the hood. It will be the perfect model for you to keep your home connected with top-notch technology. Buying a Nest Hub might be a sound decision considering its usefulness, screen and affordability that cannot be denied.


Google Nest Hub is an affordable visual and physical means for managing your smart home and your sleep. It has a very competent smart display with some features that stand out from the crowd. This second-generation Google Nest Hub has beaten its previous lines of Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max with the inclusion of high-precision sensors and smart upgrades. If you are out to buy smart support for your house, Google Nest Hub is one of the best available at a market-crushing price.