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Google Pixel Smartwatch - New Pixel Gadget in town!

We love the gadgets that Google offers! But, at the same, It is a surprise to hear about Google’s upcoming smartwatch – Google Pixel Smartwatch. This watch is still under the development process and will launch in the market anytime soon. Google has provided its Wearable OS operating system (which were formerly known as Android Wear) to manufacturers like LG, Huawei and Samsung, as well as traditional watchmakers like Tag Heuer.

Google has been bringing to us the most exciting and interesting products for the last many years with google assistant. With gadgets like phones, tablets, smart speakers etc. Finally, in 2021, Google may dive into the space of smartwatches with the long-rumoured Google Pixel smartwatch. The rumours regarding the Google Pixel smartwatch tend to pop up almost every single year, but this time with a new leak and a lot of insight into the Watch's design and features. The smartwatches online are going to have a tough competition through the Google Pixel smartwatch.

What’s New with Google Pixel Smartwatch

The launch of The Google Pixel Watch is just around the corner and the wait for this amazing, smartwatch will be probably over this year. Given all we've heard about a Google Pixel Smart Watch, we can speculate that it's in the phase of development and to come with some amazing features. Right from having amazing features like attractive design with some having some incredible features, this is definitely going to be the watch for cool gadget lovers. Let’s explore more about what’s going to be the features of this upcoming smartwatch.

New and Attractive Design:

The Google Pixel leaks not only reveal the pictures of the Google Pixel smartwatch which not only highlights the traditional round format of the dial but also the variety of unconventional colours. The Google Pixel smartwatch consists of the Android Wear OS logo displays which can be clearly seen from the always-on display of the watch and as soon as a user looks at the watch the logo transforms into a colourful set of watch hands, which is a unique blend of technology and design.
As the wear OS hadn't been near to the best position for the past few years, the upcoming Google Pixel smartwatch will finally be the platform from Google. With all the great stuff, the improvements to be noticed would be on sluggish performance and poor connectivity.

Entertain yourself with YouTube music and Spotify

The Google Pixel smartwatch OS version of YouTube Music offers up access to playlists, mixes, and, playback controls. The headline feature, though, is support for offline music storage so your smartwatch can handle playback to Bluetooth headphones. The app opens up to a sign-in screen from where one can select the YouTube accounts on your watch.

One of the more appealing factors of owning The Google Pixel smartwatch is being able to leave the phone behind and enjoy listening to music via earbuds. With this feature, Spotify is stepping up its game and delivering an app that it should have offered in the first place.

Get Google Assistant In-built

This Google Pixel smartwatch comes with Google assistant incorporating top-notch voice AI and all the other Google’s native apps. The most intriguing feature is that the smartwatch also consists of a heart-rate monitor on the back, which ties in well with Google’s acquisition of Fitbit and their entire fitness-tech ecosystem. The Google Pixel watch is entirely waterproof.

Why is it better than other smartwatches in the market?

Why is Google Pixel Smartwatch better than other smartwatches?

As it is a noted fact that the Google Pixel 5 differs from the Samsung Galaxy S21, similarly the Pixel smartwatch is assumed to do its thing differently from Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. As the features of the watch mentioned above, the fitness tracking features and smart handling of notifications and things like navigation from Google Maps will become easier with this watch.

It is the most appropriate time for Google to address the admonitions in WearOS as WatchOS used on Apple Watch and utilise it to refine the pixel smartwatch. If Google wants to compete with the upcoming Apple Watch, Google will have to improve WearOS on the upcoming Pixel Watch significantly. It is clearly talk of the town that the Pixel Watch will compete with the fitness prowess of the Apple Watch Series 7 as well as top-end specialist watches like the Garmin Fenix 6S.

As we know Fitbit has been making smartwatches for fitness lovers from the beginning and one can’t ignore the health & fitness tracking capabilities of Fitbit watches, however, since Google has acquired Fitbit back in time, the added features are expected to be in the Google Pixel Smartwatch.

Expected Release date and Price

Google has always been great when it comes to smart and cool gadgets, and we cannot agree more that we all have been eagerly waiting for this wonderful Google smartwatch for quite a while now. When is the expected release date of the Google Pixel Watch? A lot of has this question in our minds now.

Well, the launch of the Pixel Watch has been rumoured for a very long time and it may happen during the IO event or during the Pixel 6 event in October 2021. The predictions are being made that the smartwatch will arrive this year, with all exclusive features and never like experience. The Apple Watch Series 3 starts at $329, £329 and AU$459. A full-featured Pixel watch would probably cost at least as much. Last year's premium Android Wear watch with cellular phone calls and GPS, the LG Watch Sport, cost $350 and £350 (roughly equivalent to AU$568).

Best place to buy Smartwatches online in Australia?

Where to buy Google Pixel Smartwatch online in Australia

As we have already got an overview of the Google upcoming smartwatch, it is very important to know about what the appropriate place could be to purchase this watch online in Australia. It is very important to understand that when you are planning to buy any expensive gadget or product online, you would for sure want it to be an authentic and highly recommended store online.

We would suggest you do thorough research over the internet and look for the best available options to buy Google Pixel watch online in Australia. You will find several stores from which you can pick the right one based on review rating, user experience and authenticity of the website. Zumi Australia is one such online dealer of genuine electronics gadgets dealer in Australia. Do visit the website once and see the latest offers to buy a Google Pixel watch.