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GoPro Hero9 - Ultimate Camera for Adventure Vlogging

GoPro Hero9: A brief introduction to the ultimate adventure vlogging beast

GoPro Hero9 is all that you need to have a perfect vlogging experience. With its compact design and features like being waterproof, offering perfect exceptional video quality, and excellent image stabilization can certainly make you go for this amazing camera. While you think of buying a camera for vlogging, this is the best choice to go with. This versatile camera is designed for creating high quality video on the move.

General Specifications

The amazing features offered by GoPro Hero9 camera makes it the perfect choice for every blogger. The mods of this handy camera are designed in a way so that they can make this is camera perfect fit for vlogging. If we talk about the features of GoPro Hero9, the main media mod comes with it that adds a directional mic along with an external mic jack that is about 3.5 mm and is mainly for additional mic input that is usually required while vlogging. It also comes with an HDMI output along with two cold shoes.

Few of its general specifications include –

  1. It comes with a larger touch screen with touch zoom option.
  2. Comes with dazzling front display, perfect for easy framing and spontaneous camera control.
  3. Creates video of 5K30 + 4K60, and wide FOV
  4. Capable of shooting stunning video with up to 5K resolution, which seamlessly maintains serious detail, even while you create videos zooming in.
  5. Captures and delivers superb quality images with life like sharpness clarity. This is because it is packed with new sensor of 23.6 MP which is an absolute powerhouse.
  6. This camera is for pro-quality pictures and videos with 20MP clarity.
  7. Comes with SuperPhoto option with which it can automatically pick the best images by doing the right processing and makes it very convenient for you to nail the shot.
  8. Battery like is 30% longer than usual. This is because it comes with 1720mAh battery.
  9. It has amazing video stabilization features for smooth and ultimate experience.

How GoPro Hero9 is better than its predecessor

If we compare GoPro Hero9 with its predecessors, then it is far better and has some many advanced and excellent features. The new GoPro Hero9 has got all that the users were looking in the upgraded version of GoPro Hero 8. So, what is new that has been added to the mix? Let us have a look-

  • The new GoPro Hero9 comes with a 5k video capture along with a DJI Osmo Action-style front screen which is considered to be an amazing feature to capture your videos in the best possible quality.
  • The new and better design of GoPro Hero9 is nothing but very impressive. It is around 10 percent bigger than the older version which is Hero 8 Black.
  • Weight wise also, GoPro Hero9 is on the heavier side and weighs about 158g (older one was 126g)
  • If we talk about resolution, the GoPro Hero 9 Black has nearly double the sensor resolution of previous version like Hero 7 Black and Hero 8 Black, which is around 23.6MP sensor and enables it to capture up to 5K video and 20.2MP photos.
  • When we talk about comparison, talking about the battery is must. The all-new GoPro Hero9 comes with the improved battery life because of its battery capacity of 1,720mAh. It claims to have 30% more battery life than the predecessors.
  • The extended battery size also means this new GoPro Hero 9 Black can handle severe cold better, according to GoPro, so should make for a stronger action camera on the slopes.
  • Another good thing about new GoPro Hero9 has resolved the overheating problem while it is shooting 5K video.
  • It comes with new front display. Hero 9 Black is a perfect blend of a touchscreen that is a full-colour front screen, which could be a very good help for the vloggers in framing up their shots and give anyone filming without providing them access to the rear screen in a handy preview.
  • The all new Hero9 has come back with the swappable lens cover. In the earlier version (Hero8), it ditched the removable lenses because of the mixed response; but now in the new version it has these swappable lens option like it had previously. It has got an exchangeable lens mod which is known as the Max Lens Mod.
  • This is version comes with the slightly improved stabilization option. It has HyperSmooth image stabilization, which is beyond perfect, and it is something we have not seen on other action cameras.
  • Another smart feature of GoPro is introducing boost, a cropped, lower-resolution way of making ends meet out even more steady footage when compared to the previous version - Hero 8 Black.
  • It comes with the inbuilt feature of camera horizon levelling and thus you do not require any separate mod for horizon levelling.
  • GoPro Hero9 is packed with powerful tools like schedule capture that enables scheduled recording that has all the controls within the camera.
  • Easy and flexible options for capturing seamless time-lapse videos.

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