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Is the M1 MacBook Air setting up the bars too high?


Apple has been the hub of advanced technology, innovation, and design in the market of consumer electronics and the digital world. It continues to do so and shares one of the largest market shares in the majority of the countries in the world. The risk-bearing capacity, fearless experimentation, and continuous improvisation have made its position on top among the eyes of the consumer.

If we notice, Apple launches its products in series. It brings an updated and tries to bring slight modifications according to the user's need and feedback. Each model released in series is better than the previous one. In few cases only, Apple was known to increase its price for only slight modifications in design.

Apple came into the market with its first MacBook in 2006. It transformed the world of portable laptops. In 2008, a better and advanced version of the MacBook was released by the name of MacBook Air and till now the journey is in continuation. Recently Apple delivered another MacBook Air (2020) and 13-inch MacBook Pro with a custom ARM-based M1 chip, the organization's first in-house SoC. Tech giants believe that with the M1 MacBook Air (2020) Apple has already set its benchmark in the digital market.

Apple MacBook Design

Can the Same design Same hardware still have an impact?

Though the millennial generation is all about constant changes but as a human when we use some gadgets we get used to its features and design. We still sometimes resist change or take time to make them necessary. This is the strategy used behind MacBook Air (2020). Apple wants us to adopt the new processor in MacBook Air (2020) with ease.

Without much changes in the physical design, it wants us to slowly and gradually get used to the new processor. And they also do not want to replace the Mac look as it is already an advanced notebook when comes to display. The indication here is that Apple is easing into the switch to Arm and still wants everyone to think of these as Macs first and foremost.

The fact that Apple didn’t make changes speaks to the way Apple wants us to perceive these computers. The hardware may be new, but the new Macs are still, well, Macs. Pick up a new MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, and it still looks like you’d expect.

The same design and same hardware are still going to work in their favor as all of us in no time without realizing consciously get used to the processor and of course, Apple lovers will buy it due to other up-gradation. The M1 MacBook Air price and its battery life is an irresistible deal for the techies along with the M1 chip.

Is performance matching up with their promises?

It is not just an upgrade it is a breakthrough in the digital world. Undoubtedly, Apple has raised its stake and yes, raised the bars too high. According to the new consumer reports, the product lives up to the claim it has made regarding the new MacBook Air 2020.

  • The speed of operations is incredibly fast if we compare the M1 MacBook Air (2020) and Intel MacBook Pro (2020) and its other predecessors. It additionally diminishes heat-related mileage on inward segments and doesn't deplete your battery as quickly due to that decrease in pressure.
  • Compression and decompression of files is not a tedious task with the new MacBook Air.
  • If compared to M1 MacBook air vs Intel MacBook air (2020) MacBook Air (2020) due to M1 chip seemed to run cooler than a 16-inch MacBook Pro which comes with an intel core i7 processor and a 13-inch MacBook Air with an Intel Core i3.
  • Astonishingly M1 MacBook Air battery life allows additional hours of browsing and working hours on the laptop. Apple has made it possible without changing the battery size and display.

    Apple MacBook Features

    Elephant in the room: M1 Chip

    The replacement of the Intel processor with Apple’s M1 chip is beneficial in numerous ways. A few of them are shared below.

    • Own processor and chipset have allowed better control and optimization over both hardware and software
    • It makes it harder for hackers to break into the system
    • Overall management of the integrated system has become easier
    • It has led to improvisation in the speed and efficiency of performing operations on the system
    • macOS 11 Big Sur is utilized specifically for the MAC Air 2020 in this model.
    • The overall measurement of performance of macOS 11 Big Sur MAC Air 2020 and can be monitored in a better way

      Insane Battery Life

      It is not just a revolution it is a breakthrough in the world of the digital market.  Apple declared its M1 chip would permit all-day battery life, and the company has hit that mark during manual battery check (internet browsing at 150 nits), the new MacBook Air lasted an epic 14 hours and 41 mins (at the same time as the brand-new MacBook pro hit sixteen:32) — instances that beat each the ZenBook 13 (thirteen:47) and XPS thirteen (11:07). And for individuals who simply want to examine in opposition to the previous Intel Macs — they're left within the dust. The Intel MacBook Air (9:31) and MacBook pro (10:21) times have now been overwhelmed utilizing five and six hours, respectively.

      Can now run your IOS mobile apps

      Download and installation of apps directly from iOS has become a lot easier. Once the big sur update may take time but then you're good to go.

      • Changes in the overall application interface have made the interface more user friendly and have given a more neat look to the overall operating system
      • Application symbols are now in a more uniform shape, alongside more prominent consistency against their iOS and iPad partners.

        Is it better than its predecessor?

        MacBook intel vs MacBook M1

        The MacBook Air was launched alongside a new 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini. Both run on the M1 system-on-a-chip (SoC) just like MacBook Air. The chip is upgraded to the utmost level possible and the model is itself highly economical as compared to its previous models

        The MacBook Air's performance has always remained secondary to its price and size, but that paradigm has shifted with the introduction of Apple’s M1 processor. Alongside its new "Big Sur" OS update, Apple dropped its long-running use of Intel processors for this homegrown silicon solution, and in doing so, infused the MacBook Air with new life (while maintaining its fanless design).

        When we compare the M1 MacBook air vs Intel MacBook air (2020). Overall, with better battery life and lightning speed operations the M1 MacBook Air (2020) offers a critical improvement. There are still a few zones for development however and solid rivalry from the M1 MacBook Pro. Through the M1 chip efficient transfer of data, instructions and files are possible at a high speed, almost doubling the average speed of a CPU and GPU. The company has claimed that the solid-state drive (SSD) in the new MacBook air is incredibly Faster than older versions of the MacBook itself.

        The improvisation in MacBook Air has impressed the majority of Apple lovers. At $999 (as tested), it's the best value among Mac laptops, especially when combined with its nearly 30-hour battery life and premium super-slim build. Eclipsing its predecessors, the M1-based MacBook is the top-pick Apple laptop for 2020.

        Competitors of MacBook Air

        Competitors to look for

        Overall, with the new processor. sleek design and butterfly keyboard upgrade and insane battery life MacBook Air (2020) will be a mega-hit in 2021. But MacBook Air (2020) has its own set of competitors from the other products of Apple-like MacBook Pro.

        MacBook Pro runs on a 10th generation intel processor, performs high-speed operations but lacks the major advantage over battery life and new silicon processor. It does have a powerful operating system and speed too but Air somehow will land you in the best bet. Other competitors include decent laptops like Dell XPS 13, a Microsoft Surface device, or even an iPad Air or Pro.

        The XPS 13 is compatible with Windows Hello and far-field Cortana, which respond to the user's voice from up to 14 feet apart. Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, two Thunderbolt 4 ports, a microSD card slot, and a 3.5mm headphone jack are among the networking choices. It works out-of-the-box on Windows 10 Pro and has a battery of 52Wh. But the major deal breaker can be its pricing. In Australia, the new Dell XPS 13 starts at AU$2898. 

        The MacBook Pro gives tough competition to Air 2020 but it is still slightly heavier than MacBook Air (2020). Another major difference is between the choice of colours and starting prices. While pro is available only in limited silver and space grey colour, MacBook Air (2020) is available in three prominent colours of silver, space grey and gold. When it comes to pricing, MacBook Pro is still costlier than MacBook Air (2020).

        Price and their variant

        Pricing on the MacBook Air M1 2020 starts with AU$1,599 for the 256GB model,. Besides a brand new 8-core central processing unit, the bottom packs a thirteen.3-inch (2560 x 1600) IPS tissue layer show, 7-core GPU 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD.


        Undoubtedly, The new MacBook Air 2020 is not just a treat for the graphic geeks but also the majority of the population of all age groups. The 2020 version of the MacBook Air brings excellent enhancements including Big Sur and apple's silicon chip. It is also less expensive than its predecessor. Besides you also get upgraded processors,256GB storage on the bottom variant, and a magic keyboard. MacBook Air (2020) fixes quite a few of our proceedings with preceding models. It comes with new, greater effective, innards, a considerably improved keyboard, and extra storage space. The display and design do not offer huge changes but you can compromise that factor a little with the amazing battery life and low price of this entry-level model. So don't think and compare too much because this deal is worth it in every way.