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Latest smartwatches to look for : 2021


There was a time when we could not imagine that health and technology can be blended in a marvelous way to support our fitness regimes. One of the products which have made it possible is the smartwatch. The twentieth century has witnessed the transformational journey of watches from being part of a luxurious segment to performing highly functional tasks to keep your health on track. In short, smartwatches have crossed many barriers to come this far. Best smartwatches especially for fitness purposes gained popularity in no time.

During the pandemic, people became more conscious about their health and with the new year, they have become more vigilant about it.  Some are waiting for the upcoming smartwatches of 2021 and some have already selected their pick among the best smartwatches for men and women. There are abundant smartwatches available to track your health but if you are wondering which are the best smartwatches for fitness schedules then you are at the right place.

But before we jump into which one is best for you read the common features found in all the smartwatches especially among the top 10 smartwatches.

Features of Smart watches

What features do all they offer?

Some of the commonly found features among these watches are:


All the best smartwatches of 2020 and 2021 have accelerometers. Accelerometers are generally low-power devices. The required current typically falls in the micro (µ) or milli-amp range, with a supply voltage of 5V or less. Accelerometers, while actively used in many electronics in today’s world, are also available for use in custom projects. Whether you’re an engineer or tech geek, the accelerometer plays a very active role in a wide range of functionalities. Most smartwatches are geared up with accelerometers that measure your movements like walking running cycling and sleeping.


GPS stands for Global Positioning System by which anyone can always obtain the position information anywhere in the world. Best smartwatches upcoming in 2021 aim for more accurate results regarding the location at all altitudes not just at basic ground level.

The GPS does not require the user to transmit any data, and it operates independently of any telephonic or internet reception, though these technologies can enhance the usefulness of the GPS positioning information. Well, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes with an additional Glonass and Galileo navigation system along with regular GPS but there are many more brands working towards the advanced navigation system for better outcomes.

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor (HRM) is a personal monitoring device that allows one to measure/display heart rate in real-time or record the heart rate for later study. It is largely used to gather heart rate data while performing various types of physical exercise. Among the best smartwatches for men top brands like Apple, Garmin, Fitbit, and Suunto have been the most popular choice among people of all age groups.

Wrist-based HRMs

An optical sensor built into the wrist unit’s watchband or case back detects our pulse. Though heart rate monitor watches are slightly less accurate, wrist-based models avoid the discomfort and additional pre-workout fuss associated with chest straps. Wrist-based HRMs can be worn 24/7 (except when charging) which helps with tracking heart rate at a more detailed level. But it also helps with recovery and sleeps data. Among all the best smartwatches in 2021 Apple offers one of the best wrist-based HRM smartwatches in 2021.

Separate app store

Just like tablets and smartphones, the smartwatch has its application system. You get a wide choice of applications among the best smartwatches of 2021. The overall functionality has been improved in the top models of smartwatches especially smartwatches by Samsung and apple

Types Of Smart Watches

Types of smartwatches available in the market 

The market of smartwatches has been ever-evolving. All kinds of smartwatches are available in the market both online and offline mode. Comparing and buying online mode can offer you better discounts. Among the best smartwatches, 2021 here are some options you can delve into to find your perfect fit.

Fitness Oriented Smartwatches

If you have recently started your fitness routine or you are searching for something to keep you on track with your health, you have so many choices in hand.  Either you can choose a hybrid fitness tracker running watch or a fitness band just a sports watch. The common features you will get with among the best smartwatches for fitness are

  • Continuous monitoring of Heart Rate
  • Accurate calculation of running time
  • Route of running and guidance
  • Inbuilt Global Positioning System
  • Distance and Lap time

You can select among different products Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm), Garmin Forerunner 735XT, Garmin Vivoactive 3, Fitbit Versa 2, Fitbit Charge 4, Coros Apex, Apple Watch Series 5, Polar Grit X, Garmin Vivoactive 4.  The top 10 smartwatches include some more features than the regular ones. For example, Apple Watch Series 6 and Garmin Vivoactive 3 are both water-resistant, have more than 200*200-pixel resolution, OLED Retina, and trans reflective LCD type. As an advantage, Garmin Vivoactive 3 has a good battery life that lasts up to 7 days.

Adventurous and sports smartwatches

With our lifestyle where even 24 hours seems less to us, the adventurous and sports smartwatch can be your best all-day long partner. It can help you in multitasking as well as make some space for your fitness activities. Among the best smartwatches, 2021, adventurous and sports smartwatch has topped the list. Without a doubt, Apple and Garmin with their extraordinary features are the best options available to you among the sports smartwatch collection. Other than them here are some other options available among the best smartwatches for men and women both in 2021. Take a look at the options shared below in the list.

Classic Smartwatches

Among the best smartwatches 2021, classic smartwatches are highly durable and perform all the functions from answering your calls to tracking your pulse rate. A classic smartwatch is an extension of a smartphone and it is like a portable mini-computer at the same time. Among the standardized classic smartwatch will help you to perform all the functions without disturbing your ongoing activity. You can also check your notifications while you are hiking or taking a short break after running. Among classic smartwatches available among best smartwatches 2021, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 offers an additional feature of a global navigation satellite system (GLONASS and Galileo) along with regular GPS. But Apple Watch SE is also a good choice. Other options that are available especially among the best smartwatches of 2021 are as follows

Cellular smartwatches

Cellular smartwatches present a wide horizon and much more options than a regular smartwatch due to their cellular connectivity. It is already in the news that the SK Telecom of South Korea and Samsung are working together to bring a new cellular smartwatch which will be a tough competitor to Apple’s planned upcoming smartwatch. Here are some benefits of choosing a cellular watch over a regular smartwatch.      

Less requirement of Smartphone

With the cellular watch, you can perform many functions and access quick information without much requirement of your smartphone. In other words, you can ditch your smartphone for few hours completely yet get all your notifications. With Bluetooth connected smartwatches a specific radius requirement is necessary.

Large display

The upcoming smartwatches in 2021 are planning for a bigger display size for reading stuff easily. Another advantage of a large display is that you can easily run your android applications in a better way.

Advantage of internet connectivity

Due to internet connectivity Increase in virtual connections and trading will be a high possibility in near future through just a smartwatch. While the hardware may remain costly but if you want a completely different digital experience you may go for it. Among the best smartwatches in 2021, there are only a few options available if you want a cellular watch

Brands to look for

Leading Brands Of Smart watches

The top brands in the smartwatch market have already embarked on their name in the digital world with their other products like mobile phones, computers, Bluetooth speakers’ laptops, and notebooks. Apple top the list even when it comes to smartwatches, not just laptops and mobile phones. They offer a user-friendly interface and complete easy sync facilities. Other than Apple few more brands are offering the best smartwatches in 2021.


Although overall smartwatch prices have risen, there is also a counterbalancing trend that resists the increase. For instance, smartwatches running Alphabet's Google Wear OS are in the price range of $200 to $300, and Samsung smartwatches top out at about $400.

Best Smartwatch for you to choose from

Before you start wondering which smartwatch is best for you, you need to know that for each one of you there is a uniquely perfect fit. There is not one single smartwatch that can be termed as best. it depends on many factors and needs but yes we do have some choices which will fulfill the needs of the majority of you. But before revealing the best smartwatches 2021 there are few factors you need to seriously look into before investing in a smartwatch. Here are the quick pointers to help you select the best out of the rest.

Identify your specific need

For Example, you need to decide that whether you want a classic smartwatch among the best smartwatches for men that club all the common features of a smartwatch or you want a smartwatch specifically for your fitness regime, running schedules, and health purposes. You may just need a good smartwatch that can give you quick updates or maybe you want a good smartwatch that can replace half of the screen time of your smartphone. The notifications and touchscreen feature can help you with that need.

Choice of material and design

Whether you want OLED display type, color LCD type, or color touch screen. It is personally your choice. The appeal and overall design are highly important as you will be wearing it for more than 20-22 hours in a single day. The design also includes the style of the smartwatch. Whether you are comfortable with a wristband or whether you want a normal watch style depends entirely on you.

Decide your budget

If you want the best smartwatches this 2021 you should compare the top 10 smartwatches online.

Frankly, investing in the top ten smartwatches is a good long-term decision but if you think you are too tight on your budget but if you still want a new smartwatch for yourself, compare the watches of the best brands and which smartwatches have made it to the list of best smartwatches 2021. If you think you are still unsure and you think you can wait, you can choose among upcoming smartwatches in 2021. The year has just begun and you think you need not hurry then you can keep an eye on updates related to upcoming smartwatches 2020 in Australia, the USA, and the U.K.