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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 - Everyone’s new favourite?

The latest Surface Laptop 4 from Microsoft takes the laptop a notch higher. It is an evolution from Surface Laptop 3, comprising better components packed into the same small, lightweight chassis as the previous Surface Laptop models. Microsoft hasn't tried to promote it as anything other than a Surface Laptop, but mentions that it would last longer and have more power than the previous models.

While the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is without a doubt the greatest Surface Laptop yet, determining whether it is the best laptop for you is a little more difficult. To help understand this, check out the details below.

What’s new with Microsoft Surface Laptop 4?

What's new with Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Check out what the new Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 entails. Walk through the details below.

Design and Build

Ever since Microsoft unveiled its first Surface devices, it was clear that the company is here to stay. The latest Surface Laptop stands close to the minimalist design of its predecessors, which is both welcome and a little underwhelming as we were hoping for a more radical change with the design. In terms of dimensions it's identical to the Surface Laptop 3, weighing in at 2.8 pounds and measuring just 12.1 x 8.8 x 0.6 inches. It’s a little hard to forget about the thick bezels surrounding the Surface Laptop 4’s 3:2 display. They just aren’t very attractive and capture some screen range.

This is the first time Microsoft has offered a Surface Laptop in the Ice Blue color scheme previously seen on Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, and it’s a very nice, understated shade of pale metallic blue. Further, the Alcantara lining the keyboard of the Ice Blue and Platinum 13.5-inch models is a nice touch that makes resting your wrists on the deck of the laptop feel a bit more comfortable. The laptop is minimal, and yet, it is one of the best-looking Windows laptops.

Battery Life

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4's battery life has improved dramatically over the previous generation, and a full charge cycle may last for close to 12 hours with a fairly heavy day's effort. It also features an hour of streaming 4K video content and 30 minutes of light gaming, making it the ultrabook to buy if you're heading back to work. Lastly, fast charging your device gives you plenty to last through an entire day of presentations and browsing, ticking off an essential checklist item for ultra books.


The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is available in AMD and Intel versions. At an approximate price of 3000 AUD, you get an 11th generation Intel Core i7-1185G7 processor, 16GB LPDDR4X memory, and a 512GB SSD at this price. While this is an unquestionably costly option, it provides adequate performance for all of the tasks that an ultrabook user may want. For instance, you can seamlessly multitask with two browser windows open with MS Team video conference in the background. There is ample memory for you to load live preview thumbnails of old video files as you scroll in the internal storage, and on overall terms, the Surface Laptop 4 is not short on power.

Despite the fact that it is not a gaming device, it is more than capable of serving as a stress reliever on occasion. Even on battery power, the Surface Laptop 4 can play games without any stutters. There are a few occasions when you could believe you've seen better-performing laptops than the Surface Laptop 4, and you'd be partially correct because there are a few instances of unexplainable stutters, but for the most part, these hiccups are few and far between. The Surface Laptop 4 provides ample computing power for all of your business needs, as well as some light-hearted gaming and basic video creation.


The PixelSense 15-inch display has a familiar 3:2 aspect ratio that no longer seems unnatural. It sits neatly within the proximal vision range, which is something that traditional 16:9 displays can't provide. There are probably very few displays on the market that can match the overall quality of the colors produced by this display. The viewing experience is crisp, with just a hint of saturation and sense of vibrance. However, the Surface Laptop 4's ambience sensor is inaccurate to the point that manual brightness adjustments are overruled at random, implying that you would end up adjusting the display's brightness levels close to a hundred times per day. In darker environments, such as when you're up late at night replying to an urgent email, the problem becomes even more bothersome.

Speakers, Keyboard, and Trackpad

There are no two ways about this - the keyboard here is fantastic. The Surface Laptop 4 has a near-perfect key pitch and travel for a comfortable typing experience. With your hands resting in a standard laptop stance, you can reach the whole keyboard, making typing quick, spontaneous, and error-free. The key's depress is just far enough for your fingertips to feel the feedback, but not far enough for you to become tired of typing.

The trackpad is generously sized, quick, and precise. Inertial scrolling is aided by the smooth scrolling surface, and there isn't much to complain about in general. Meanwhile, the Omnisonic speakers located behind the keyboard are quite good for a laptop speaker. It supports Dolby Atmos and, on the whole, provides a pleasingly consistent listening experience.

What’s different from the previous generation?

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 VS Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

The Surface Laptop 4 improves on the Surface Laptop 3's primary faults by providing quicker performance and better battery life. The Surface Laptop 4 has become a laptop with very few flaws, courtesy the proper CPU. The sleek, durable design is as fashionable as ever, the 15-inch panel is bright and colorful, and the keyboard and trackpad are nearly class-leading.

Where to buy Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 online in Australia?

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The Surface Laptop 4 demonstrates that a few modifications are all you need to polish a not-quite-there-yet device. The new chips addressed our greatest issues; slow speed and lack of endurance. The 15-inch Surface Laptop 4, with its sleek design, vibrant display, and great keyboard and touchpad, finally shines now that those main flaws have been addressed. As one of the greatest laptops on the market, it should be on every shopper's shortlist.

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