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Much Anticipated Apple AirPods 3 Specs, Rumours and News

It was 4 years back that we were introduced to the amazing apple Apple's AirPods! Since then, they have been amongst the most favourite gadgets of Apple users, and are undoubtedly highly successful! What’s your view about the much-anticipated Apple AirPods 3? Airpods 3 rumours are everywhere now, but what the real deal? 
AirPods are already popular among users since the first generation was launched. The second-generation model arrived in early 2019 in the AirPods 2 or AirPods which had amazing features like wireless charging and were officially known as AirPods Pro. Now let’s talk about the most awaited Apple AirPods 3!

What will the new Apple AirPods 3 be called? 

The following could be two possible names –
• Keeping it simple to just ‘AirPods’
• May perhaps have a 3rd generation suffix.

Apple loves to use the same names, and thus we strongly expect that even if the current AirPods are being replaced with the new ones, the possibility of keeping the name to AirPods is too high. There are chances that they might have a '3rd generation' addition in the name, but they'd practically they’ll still be AirPods.

We believe that rumours that they could be called AirPods Lite or AirPods Pro-Lite are way off the mark. Same rumours are heard for the Apple watch that there could be a name change, not like the previous-gen Apple Watch series.

Apple Airpods 3 Release date and price

Knowing that the AirPods 2 were launched in March 2019, so we are assuming that apple might again bring something for us in the first quarter of 2021 as a new release. If we believe the recent rumour, it has been suggested that we could see the third generation AirPods somewhere around in the third week of May. Although AirPods 3 release date is not confirmed in fact due to pandemic there might be a slight delay in the launch.

Now let’s talk about its estimated price - if it was a product of some other company, it is a possibility that these AirPods 3 could have been made available in the market at the price of $99/£99. But as these are AirPods, an Apple product, they tend not to worry much about the pricing of their product, it is more likely that these could be priced around $150/£150.

Apple Airpods 3 Design and new features

We are expecting the new version of AirPods to adopt a somewhat shorter design as we saw in AirPods Pro. If we go with the few leaked images, it is clear that the design of new AirPods would sit in amid the AirPods 2 and the AirPods Pro. The design of the third-gen AirPods is expected to consistent but will definitely show up some twists for making them more attractive and simpler to use.

If we talk about water resistance, it has long been rumoured as it has got some noise dropping technology. However considered doubtful to have full active noise cancelling as that would require a tight seal and, as such, will surely remain the preserve of the more expensive AirPods Pro.

It is expected that there could be some more hardware upgradations which might include a new chip - the W2 has been recommended, extended battery life and additional talk time. One thing is almost sure that Apple will once again provide AirPods with wireless charging. The wireless charging case will come at a cost of exclusivity, so it will not be available in all AirPods models. But we think it is unlikely that they will have any type of noise-cancelling, instead of leaving that to the AirPods Pro. 

If we talk about AirPods 2, we had rumours that they were originally predicted to have features like new coating to make them more grippable and less slippery and droppable and colour variates were white and black also. Well, there’s no harm in hoping the same for the AirPods3!

Will there be an Apple AirPods 3 Sport version?

Apple Airpods 3 Rumours about Sports Version Airpods

• We can expect a fitness or sports version. 

• Expecting the new AirPods to be completely waterproof

When we talk about the AirPods Pro, they are water-resistant and sweat resistant. But, they are not waterproof or sweatproof. While we expect the newer version of AirPods to be more advanced, we can hope that its fitness-orientated version can be both water and sweatproof. There are some rumours that AirPods ear tips might get a new sturdy design for superior grip.

Sweat is not good when it comes to using a headphone and definitely hampers its quality. AirPods Pro is doing just fine, which is great! If the new AirPods are waterproof it would be amazing as you can take them to swim along with the Apple Watch swim tracking. It is more likely that these will be water and sweat resistant like the Apple AirPods Pro.

Apple recently launched iPhone 12 Purple editions and soon is coming out with the new iPad Pro series, we are excited about that too.