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Nest Wifi vs. Google Wifi: How are the two mesh routers different?

The router industry has grown at almost the same rate as any other technical sector with brands such as Netgear, TP-Link, Asus, and, most recently, Google having a significant market share. Google has proceeded to grow its business and rebrand its gadgets with new names like Google Wifi and Nest Wifi. If you are planning to buy google Nests online or any other similar device, it's critical that you know everything there is to know about the product on the market.

Let's examine and contrast the two systems, Nest Wifi and Google Wifi, to discover which one wins.

What's the difference between Google Nest and Google wifi?

If you're looking for one of the best mesh Wi-Fi systems, a Google Wifi vs. Nest Wifi comparison is an excellent place to start. Google isn't just a large player on the internet; it also plays a major part in how people access its products in the first place. In 2016, Google released one of the first major mesh Wi-Fi networks, allowing for quick and easy deployment with app-based controls. The original Google Wifi mesh router was one of our favourites in 2016, but in 2019, Google released a new mesh Wi-Fi package under the Nest brand name. The Google Nest Wifi mesh kit outperformed the predecessor in almost every way, including the addition of smart capabilities that we didn't expect.

The original Google Wifi, on the other hand, did not vanish. Google then improved it in 2020, lowering the price while keeping the same hardware and performance as our initial Google Wifi. Both the Google Wifi and Nest Wifi models are still available, but because the hardware is so identical, the only significant difference is pricing. So, before you go to buy a google router online, know the difference.

Nest Wifi vs. Google Wifi: A new, Nesty design

The most noticeable difference between 2016 and now is in the physical design. The initial Google Wifi mesh system consisted of a collection of replaceable points that were all identical and could link to form a seamless mesh network. The core unit connects to your modem and the rest of the points operate as mesh extensions around the house. The Google Wifi design manages to feel a touch old with its white plastic shell, cylindrical design, and distinctive LED stripe across the centre of each Wi-Fi hotspot, even though it debuted 5 years ago. 

The newer Nest Wifi mesh kit maintains the cylindrical shape but is relaxed with rounded corners, removing the distinctive LED indication stripe, and offering colour options beyond plain white.

The nest's most significant design change is a move away from interchangeable points and toward a system that employs a central router unit that is subsequently expanded with mesh points around the house. The router and points are slightly different in terms of both features and looks.

Speed and specifications

Performance and range are the primary differences between the Google and Nest versions of Google's mesh system, with the newer Nest Wifi having quicker throughput and bigger coverage areas across the board.

The Google Wifi had a maximum throughput of 464.4 Mbps, which is still rather good for a low-cost mesh Wi-Fi system. The Nest Wifi, on the other hand, significantly increased that, with a top throughput of 653.2Mbps. This also outperforms some of the Wi-Fi 6 devices on our list of the best mesh routers.

The Nest Wifi also has a longer range, which means it can cover a bigger area with the same number of units. The Nest Wifi router covers 2,200 square feet, compared to 1,500 square feet for a single Google Wifi unit so if you want to expand the area, adding a second or third unit is the only way to go.

Google Wifi vs. Nest Wifi: Specs


Google Wifi 

Nest Wifi

Wi-Fi spec

802.11ac/Dual Band

802.11ac/Dual Band


2x 1Gbps LAN, USB-C for power

(Router) 2x 1Gbps LAN, power; (Extension) None


Quad-core 710MHz

Quad-core 1.4GHz

Wi-Fi Chip

Qualcomm IPQ4019

Qualcomm QCS 400


4.1 x 4.1 x 2.7 inches

(Router) 4.3 x 4.3 x 3.6 inches ; (Extension) 4.0 x 4.0 x 3.4 inches


Best indoor speaker

The integrated smart speaker technology, which places a Google Home smart speaker in every extension point, is the most significant feature improvement with Nest Wifi. It's a savvy move on Google's part, since it provides an easy way to integrate smart speaker technology into several rooms of a home without the need for an additional device to a satellite mesh unit. Similar smart speaker technology has been available on other products – the Netgear Orbi Voice was released a year before the Nest Wifi, and TP-Link announced an Alexa-enabled mesh system at CES 2021 – but only Google has thought to include it in its flagship mesh networking hardware making it stand amongst the best smart speaker.

In fact, it not only allows you to handle specific router functionalities using voice commands, but it also allows you to ask about the weather, plays music, and operate your home's numerous connected gadgets. You may use the Google Home-enabled Wifi points as an intercom system between rooms, and you can even play the music that follows you throughout the house.

App controls

Google Wifi comes with its own dedicated control software that walks you through the setup process and provides basic controls. It doesn't have as many complex functions as a gaming router, so it's not suitable for those who want a lot of advanced network options at their fingertips. 

However, the Nest Wifi's controls have been moved to the Google Home app, allowing you to operate your network alongside Google Assistant smart speakers and other compatible smart home devices. You can conduct a quick speed test from the app, and you can group devices together to rapidly turn their Wi-Fi connectivity on and off, in addition to parental controls and other user-friendly features. It's more streamlined and straightforward than Google's original controls, but you can still use those Google Wifi controls with Nest Wifi if you so choose.

Google Wifi vs Nest Wifi and Where to Buy These?

Where to buy google devices

When it comes down to it, both the Google Wifi and the Nest Wifi are capable mesh networks with reasonable features and costs. The Nest Wifi, on the other hand, is the clear winner if you're looking for the best mesh Wi-Fi kit available right now. The Nest Wifi has a far more extensive feature set, including smart home compatibility and robust parental controls. It has a longer range and is more responsive. For anyone wishing to buy a great smart speaker in Australia and add it to one or more rooms in the house, Google Home's inclusion in every Wifi point is a no-brainer.

However, Google Wifi remains a solid affordable option. While the feature set isn't as extensive, the performance is still fairly acceptable, especially if the range isn't an issue. If you don't care about Google Home or already have an Alexa-enabled home, the lack of a smart speaker in the Google Wifi isn't even on your list of benefits and disadvantages. To be fair, Nest Wifi is the most up-to-date, but there are still lots of reasons to choose Google Wifi.

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