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Pixel Buds A VS Airpods 3: The Real Battle Between Best Headphones

When the Apple AirPods were initially announced, they were made fun of but, as is the case always, Apple once again proved that this is a product that people want to own. Apple has now sold hundreds of millions of AirPods, with estimates putting the total number sold at more than 200 million. 

With this, every technology company is competing in the battery powered, in-ear headphones that are inspired and look similar to the Apple AirPods. And now, with the Google Pixel Buds A-Series, Google is definitely attempting to undercut Apple on pricing, with an AUD 150 offering that promises many of the same functionalities as the AirPods.

Keeping this in mind, Zumi strives to find the best product for you in the Apple AirPods vs. Google Pixel Buds comparison. But here's a hint: if you think that Google Pixel owners should get the Google Pixel and Apple users should get the AirPods, you are probably right.

The Best of Earphones War is Live!!

While they appear to be diametrically opposed, the AirPods and Pixel Buds have more in common than most people know. Apple and Google are both striving for perfection in terms of high-end technology and a luxuriously smooth user experience. But there can only be one winner, though. In the fight of the Apple AirPods vs. Google Pixel Buds, who will win? Let's have a look.

Does Apple or Google offer more connectivity options?

On both iPhones and Google handsets like the Pixel 4a, the functionality to use these headphones is built into the respective operating systems.  This is one of the most compelling reasons to select headphones that are compatible with your device. There are some third-party apps for AirPods on Android that provide workarounds. The touch controls on the Pixel Buds will work perfectly with an iPhone, but you won't be able to use Google Assistant. The Pixel Buds may, however, communicate 

with your iPhone about the remaining power level, though it won't disclose the battery level of each bud separately. Both have a small number of unique qualities. The Pixel Buds can alter their volume levels based on the ambient noise and you can also increase the bass, which is now at a low level. Conclusively, the Google Pixel Buds are comparatively weaker when paired with the non-Android devices. Apple’s AirPods, on the other hand, pairs well with everything, without affecting the sound quality.

What software features does each pair of earbuds offer?

Assistant: One of the biggest selling points for the two earbuds is that they provide instant access to the digital assistants without requiring you to take out your phone. As far as the feature is concerned, it's a tie for the time being. In terms of the quality of that assistant, let's just say that no digital assistant is perfect, and we shall leave it at that until we have a chance to put these buds to the test.

Wires: While Google's new buds are being referred to as "wireless earbuds" but remember that there will be (obviously) a wire flowing between them. AirPods, on the other hand, don't, because they are what we have called "truly wireless earphones."

Translation: This is probably the most talked-about feature of the Pixel Buds, and it may be one of the most obvious benefits, but only if it works. Google claims that the earbuds can perform real-time translation, which is a notion that tech companies large and small have frequently promised but nearly never delivered. The concept is that you can speak while tapping and holding on the Pixel Buds, and the translated voice will come out of the speakers on your Pixel phone. You hear the person on the other end of the line speak back into the phone in your native tongue.

But this dream is far from achieved, and it's unclear whether Google is the one that fixed the majority of the issues. Isn't it faster to just chat into a translation app unless both of you are wearing headphones and don't need a phone? Regardless, it's a fantastic concept that Google should iterate on soon. Google claims that the feature works in 40 different languages and there's a significant chance that this first attempt at earbud translation fails, but regardless of Siri's new translation capabilities, it's something Apple doesn't have in AirPods yet.

Which earphones have better battery life?

which has better battery

When choosing to buy AirPods Pro or Google Pixel Buds, assessing the battery life is crucial. These two pairs of headphones once again seem to be perfectly matched in terms of battery life. Based on reports of various experts on performance, the AirPods usually lasted 4 hours 49 minutes and the Pixel Buds lasted 4 hours 41 minutes. That's about as near as it's possible to get, and the reported five hours of music from both seems doable. If we were to choose, Apple wins by a slight mark since it lasts significantly longer on a charge, even if it's only a few minutes. Some complain that all of these earphones have poor battery life, but that’s not the case. Practically, 5-ish hours on these small little earphones is a reasonable amount of time.

Which earphones block out more noise?

The AirPods Pro and Pixel Buds are animals of different stripes, so our second last category encompasses noise-cancellation. For starters, Apple's noise-canceling system is based on a combination of hardware and software. In a bustling — but socially distant — coffee shop, the AirPods Pro actively adjusts to your environment, but works harder in a packed — but socially distant — coffee shop and takes it easy in a quiet residence. Its H1 processor is dedicated to real-time noise-canceling changes, resulting in the best background noise reduction possible. It's one of the most effective portable ANC systems we have seen.

Google's buds also employ hardware and software for modifications, though they are mostly for volume adjustments rather than active noise cancellation (the Pixel Buds don't feature ANC). The Pixel Buds will save you some dollars, so some compromises were necessary. The Pixel Buds, like the AirPods Pro, have a vent mechanism that relieves the suction feeling in your ears. Anyone who travels by airline or train and needs hearing protection should consider the AirPods Pro. Active noise-canceling keeps ambient sound at safe levels, preserving your ears' health. If you are still working from home or need to hear your surroundings, the Pixel Buds are a good option.

Which pair of earbuds offers better sound quality?

Let’s be honest, we are all fussy when it comes to the sound. We may manage with all types of headphones, but a well-tuned sound balance is what is truly satisfying. However, headphones are a lot more difficult to use than a good pair of over-ear cans because of their small drivers, low power amps, and the fact that they merely fit in my ear. Neither Apple nor Google have perfected sound quality, despite the fact that they couldn't be more dissimilar. 

Apple's AirPods, for example, reminds us of classic Sony earbuds. There's a lot of shockingly powerful bass here, and it's mainly under control. They can, however, be a little monotonous at times. It's tiring to listen to a lot of bass for a long period, and one may occasionally feel like the AirPods tend to go overboard. But, this is a solid profile that has long been popular with the general public, so it's understandable that the corporation chose this path. The A-Series from Google sounds a little better overall, although it also looks to be a little cautious on bass. It's not that these buds are incapable; it's just that they're heavily tuned out. This may be to assist minimized distortion by preserving the sound, but it also makes them sound a touch weak when compared to the AirPods. They can have a little too much high end, and they can still sound muddy at times. Overall, the Google Pixel Buds may seem like a better deal. 

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In the following months, these Pixel Buds and AirPods will be continuously compared, therefore we decided to break down the contrasts and similarities. It is amazing that Google has entered this industry, as it has with all of the other hardware markets it has entered or re-entered. 

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