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Poor Router affects Internet Speed, here are the Best Router of 2021

Are you thinking of buying a router and you are tired of searching for different keywords like best wifi router, best wifi for home, best pocket wifi Australia? Then you need not to search any other link. We have selected the best wifi router in Australia that will ease your search.

How bad Routers Affect Your Internet

Buy fast routers
Now when the world is on the Internet, slow internet seems to be one of the most frustrating things. Outdated and non-branded routers cause a lot of problems. If your router isn’t capable of handling good internet speed it bogs it down. For a long time companies used to manufacture routers just for high speed internet but now they have started realising the traffic that could be felt due to increased number of smart devices everywhere. Old and out of update Routers decrease internet speed and people think of brands' service as bad instead of changing or updating it. Bad routers and the Internet is a very bad love story, so never try to make up for that.

How to Buy Best Router For your need

Before going to purchase a router you must be sure of few specifications in it. 
  • Bandwidth of the router should be considered, there are options of single (2.4 GHz) or dual band (5 GHz). 5GHz are more reliable and faster. Few routers have the option of dual-band in which both the bands are combined. They are more preferable in high-density areas.
  • Standards of the router should be among the main things on your tips, the new router nowadays uses 802.11 ac standard which gives wireless faster speed than others.
  • Use a mesh system in larger home space; it eliminates the majority of dead spots and extends range of wi-fi.

Here's the List of Top Routers You can Choose

Best Routers of 2021
Searching for a still becomes the deal even after you are aware of features. Below is the list of few best routers that can boost your internet speed and increase the pace of your work alongside entertainment and home devices and you can eve see best mesh wifi Australia.
  1. Google Wi-fi - As models are advancing with time, Google Wi-fi is becoming the favorite in business. It is not only easy to use but is well-designed. It is loaded with features which allow you to check your data usage, Internet speed. And also offers a smart system by visualising complete home. It extends the range by creating a mesh network and hence avoiding dead spots. The biggest surprise is that it’s inexpensive.
  2. Samsung Smartthings Wifi- It is not only a router but also functions well with Smart devices. Being quite easy to use, it can be your go to buy thing. You always need not to buy three-pack if you live in a small apartment. Only its price range is one of the factors that stops it from becoming the no.1 choice of the consumers.
  3. TP-Link Archer C50 AC1200 - This dual band router has more speed and bandwidth then its counterparts. It provides four ethernet ports and two USB ports and has a pretty simple design that goes well with your interior decor. It is only a router and no modem is in this price range. But features are quite impressive under such a low price range.
  4. Symantec Norton Core - The brand has already established itself as a super secure and one of the best in router services. One is able to set up parental control, make a guest network for the people who are visiting your home. It is well designed and has 4 GB of flash memory and offers dual-band radios.
  5. Netgear Orbi - If you are searching for mesh wi-fi then it should be in your list but you should not think much about other features then. It gives you an excellent speed and is reliable. 


Routers have also developed with time, have been installed with new features that are more compatible with devices. The best Wifi router is  Google Wifi and some other options are also listed in the article above. Wifi for home is turning the most important need as devices and homes are turning smart. If your Wifi is outdated go and change it instantly and enjoy your days with speed.