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Shop now & Pay later - the Best Buying Solution For Easy Online shopping

What is The Shop now & Pay later Solution?

The digital payment ecosystem has seen immense growth in recent times. We have innumerable options to make online payments. Consumers are now looking for easy and convenient alternatives to make payments and get the products or services that they desire. 

The “Shop Now Pay Later” option now offered by many sites makes it an even more consumer-friendly alternative to layaways. It really allows you to buy any of your favourite gadgets or electronics like, laptops, headphones and more with instantly with the flexibility to pay for it later. 

Benefits of Opting a “Shop Now, Pay Later” Payment Plan

benefits of shopping with shop now pay later

The use of an attractive payment option like “Shop Now Pay Later” will help you gain an easier way to access credit. Along with this there are other benefits as well, have a look:

  • Better Credit Solution: Pay later is an affordable finance solution than credit cards for many consumers. If you have reached the payment option for the selected item, it is very likely that you will make that purchase. The use of buy now and pay later is a win-win for all.
  • No Interest Rates: The percentage of interest rates may discourage a few customers who were ready to make the purchase. A lot of times we find ourselves in a situation where we are physically and mentally ready to buy a product but not financially. The use of the buy now pay later option will help us get over that financial hurdle with absolutely no interest rates.
  • Building Trust: Purchases can now be made with less commitment, leading to a better customer experience and increased trust between the buyer and the seller. The pay later option enables the customers to extend their payments over their chosen period of time that enables their trust in the company. This keeps the users engaged with the sites for longer.
  • Decreased Cart Abandonment: Most of us can relate to the situation where you had to abandon a cart because they did not offer enough payment options. It could also be that we cannot financially afford the item at the moment and even though we have managed to make it till the payment window, we cannot proceed. The pay later option provides the best alternative for these situations.

How to use Shop Now pay later Fully?

One might feel a little lost while using this option. It is natural to be worried if there would be certain hidden terms and conditions. Let’s understand how the Pay Later option works.

What are the Requirements?

There is no long list of things like credit score or credit checks, that you need before using the Pay Later option. If you want to buy any electronic, you can opt for buy now pay later electronics and pay for it either in full after a period or in smaller instalments over time. It does not affect your credit score, in fact, it helps to increase your credit score. Instead of pay through your bank accounts debit card you can use this payment option, with 0 interest rates.

You will be able to pay in equally spaced instalments which are taken directly from their payment card. In either of the options, there are no extra fees or interest to pay, provided they pay on time. It

Compare “Shop Now, Pay Later” Providers, Before buying:

A lot of sites are now offering the Pay Later option for various reasons that benefit both, the company and the customer. But before signing up it is crucial that you compare various providers. This comparison will help you score a better deal for yourself. You might get a longer period to make the payment or more instalments option. 

Where to Shop from to get the best of Shop now Pay later?

compar payment gateways before choosing shop now pay later

We wish to own the latest gadgets and electronics, but they come at huge costs which become difficult to pay, and people look for shop now pay later sites. Many online electronic selling giants like ZUMI have opted for flexible payment options to resolve this issue. By this, you can order now pay later for the product.

You can simply choose the Zip option on ZUMI at the time of checkout and you’ll have 30 to 60 days (depending on the date of purchase) to pay with no additional charges. You can use this option to buy any gadget of your choice as soon as it is offered at a good deal without worrying about the finances. 

Zumi has many payment gateways, like, zip pay and its zip money, after pay, humm. You can also use the afterpay app and look for the Zumi store and buy products and avail yourself of the amazing pay later services by afterpay.


It’s important to consider as many payment options as possible and then pay with your preferred choices. The Shop Now Pay Later option will boost your shopping experience whether you are buying electronics or your favourite gadgets. The facility to simply place the order on the sites and make the payment later has been a blessing to all.