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The best gaming accessories you should look for in 2022

With newer, more powerful gaming laptops that are targeted at everyone from casual gamers to professionals, latest gaming accessories are becoming more popular and the need of the hour. Having the latest and appropriate gaming accessories can make a huge difference in how much fun you have while gaming. Whether you're into Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, the right gaming accessories as it comes out of the box just scratches the surface of the console's capabilities.

Our list of the top and best gaming accessories includes everything from cameras to headphones and have selected everything you can buy for your perfect gaming and media experience.

Why are good gaming accessories important for gamers?

Having the correct gaming gear is vital to your enjoyment and performance, whether you're a casual player who likes to kick back with their buddies or someone who is more competitively minded. Action games are all about maintaining accuracy and precision, and video game fans are well aware. Experts have indicated, however, that the hardware or gaming accessories are deemed to be crucial in making the experience enjoyable. Gaming accessories are a must-have and allow you to personalise some aspects of the experience to have the perfect atmosphere and pleasure. Some of the best and most-used gaming accessories are technically advanced keyboards, dedicated monitors, joypads, and fantastic handsets. If you want to have the finest gaming experience, you need the correct gaming equipment, some of which are listed below:

  • Mouse: One of the must-have items in our gaming accessories list is a mouse. The Razer Basilisk V2, a highly customizable lightweight gaming wired mouse with 11 programmable buttons and PTFE mouse feet for slick movement over any surface is a great pick. The powerful combination of its razer hypershift, razer focus and optical sensor, wireless technology, ultra-durable rubber side grips, and the new HERO (High-Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor, lets you react with unmatched speed and precision. With a durable, flexible cable and an adjustable scroll wheel resistance for smooth or tactile action, this mouse can move smoothly across almost any surface so you can win more games from your desk or even on the go. If you are looking to buy gaming accessories in Australia, look no further than Zumi for best deals and discounts.


  • Keyboard: A good keyboard is important to every PC player and the Razer Huntsman is no exception. The Razer Huntsman Mini is a 60% gaming keyboard with mechanical keys that is wired. This keyboard contains mechanical switches in addition to Razer's optical switches, which will improve reaction speeds. Of course, a gaming keyboard would be incomplete without RGB lighting, which can be fully customized with millions of permutations. Its small aluminium layout is ideal for your needs and requirements. Check out the best deals for Razer Huntsman Mini Gaming Keyboard on Zumi. 


  • Camera: You will need a webcam if you want to stream your gameplay to YouTube Live, Twitch, or Facebook. Currently, the Razer Kiyo Gaming Camera is amongst your best options, since it allows you to easily stream 4K footage. This webcam is designed to sit on top of your display or laptop lid, and it can be adjusted up or down to get the best angle possible. The webcam may be used with any major streaming app and is compatible with both PCs and Macs. While we prefer Razer's webcam for gaming, it may also be utilized for videoconferencing while learning or working remotely. It can capture clear, detailed images with its 4 Megapixel resolution, 2688 x 1520 resolution, and 1080p lens. Its built-in ring light means it works very well in bright and dark environments alike. If you already own a good USB mic, adding the Kiyo to your setup will make for some excellent video calls. 


  • Headset: When you want to fully immerse yourself in a fast-paced game and use sound to your advantage, you'll need a good gaming headset, preferably one with 7.1 sound compatibility. Headsets typically have superior microphone quality than your laptop's stock microphone, which is ideal for multiplayer gaming or streaming where your voice clarity is critical to viewers or colleagues. Logitech’s G635 is a high-end gaming headset with Logitech's most advanced audio technology. Large 50mm Pro-G drivers with woven hybrid mesh are designed to prevent distortion and provide more detail. DTS Headphone: X 2.0 surround sound creates exact in-game spatial awareness for optimum immersion. These can help you hear adversaries approaching from behind, detect air strikes or special-ability hints, and fully immerse yourself in the cinematic worlds of your favourite games. A huge 6 mm flip-to-mute mic, programmable G-Keys on the headset, and the ability to modify EQ settings and more with Logitech G HUB software are all additional gaming features which you are sure to enjoy.
  • Microphone: A nice microphone is always a good addition to any gaming setup, whether you're streaming on Twitch or chatting with pals. The Razer Seiren X Gaming Microphone is an economical microphone that offers the best of both worlds. PC gamers will enjoy using this mic because it comes with built-in software that makes audio management simple and provides excellent quality. It uses a supercardioid pickup pattern where the sound is recorded at a tighter angle and is also shock-resistant. In addition to this, the Razer Seirēn X delivers a superior audio broadcasting experience while remaining as subtle as possible.

Some of the best gaming accessories that excited you in 2021

Esports has experienced remarkable expansion in recent years, and it will continue to do so in the future. We've listed some of the best gaming accessories that a player will require as well as the best-recommended products to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Some of the best and most loved gaming accessories of 2021 which you may want to look at are Gaming Wired & Wireless Keyboard, Gaming Mouse, Wireless & Wired Gaming Headset, Gaming chair and desk, Monitor, Controller, Joystick, Mouse Charging Pad, and many more.

Where’s that one stop pit stop for all gaming accessories?

The answer is Zumi. It is true that specialist gear is critical for increasing overall game performance but one thing that is definitely on your mind is the price. You should seek for some excellent characteristics, such as a comfy and quality headset that aids in increasing overall sensory perception. For example, if you spend a significant amount of money on nice gaming equipment but they do not work as expected, it is a complete waste of money and time. 

If you need to purchase gaming basics such as a mouse, keyboard, storage, camera etc. we at Zumi are here to offer you the best gaming accessories in Australia. We offer you a wide range of best and latest gaming accessories with flawless accuracy, great shapes, and smart design to make your gaming experience that little bit better. 

So, what are you waiting for? Buy gaming accessories online at Zumi in Australia today!