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The Best Speakers for a House Party

A high-volume speaker is the bread and butter of a house party. Nothing warms up and winds down a party like good quality music. It is really distressing to not have the best quality Bluetooth speakers. It can ruin the entire party experience. There are various types of parties in which you will need speakers including house parties, pool parties, beach parties, and many more that call for different types of party speakers.

Only the best speakers are capable of livening up the mood and the atmosphere of your house party. Not just volume but the sound quality, aesthetics and the size of the speaker also matter and will influence your buying decision. There are outdoor party speakers, small venue speakers, portable speakers, stationary speakers and more options that you can choose from.

What to keep in mind while selecting the best party speaker

Things to keep ion mind while buying a party speakers

The advancement of technology has led speakers to feature wireless functions such as Bluetooth and they come in all shapes and sizes. Party speakers have also advanced considerably and no longer need a constant power supply via an AC adapter as they feature built-in batteries. A lot of times we end up buying speakers merely out of excitement and forget to check if they are compatible with our devices or not. Always make sure to check that the connectivity of your speaker is strong enough and compatible with your device.

Before choosing the best speakers for a house party you need to look at the technical specifications, the sound quality, the type of speakers, their maximum volume, room size, acoustics, and the design of the speakers, among others.

Waterproof Design

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor speakers, going for a waterproof design will never be the wrong choice. Your waterproof party speakers will keep themselves safe from any spills as well as during pool parties. Most portable Bluetooth speakers these days are made with waterproof capabilities and are fairly durable making them very versatile.

High Range Bluetooth Connectivity

Most speakers these days have the capability to be connected via Bluetooth. Unless you are planning on keeping your speakers in the same location for every party, you should consider how important this factor can be. Bluetooth party speakers generally work on a battery and you will need to take into account the amount of battery life. Smaller party speakers tend to be better suited to have Bluetooth connectivity as they are more portable. This decision will be determined by the size, power, and capability of your party.

Long Battery Life

You need speakers with long battery life along with crisp and clear sound to make the party last till morning. The battery life mostly plays a major role with Bluetooth speakers as it will determine the length of your party. Wired speakers offer a little more convenience in the sense that you don't need to worry about recharging at all.

Loud Sound and High Bass

When it comes to party tunes and electrifying music, loud sound and high bass are the two main things to look for. Some party speakers use bass-boosting technology to punch above their size and provide extra party feels. There are various frequencies to look at but nothing is better than a thumping bassline.

Best Party Speakers to look for in 2021

Top Best party speakers for 2021

Music is the highest priority at every house party. In order to put your best tunes forward, you're going to need a good set of party speakers to blast your party in 2021. You might want to check this list out.

JBL PartyBox 300 High Power Audio System

JBL PartyBox 300 provides powerful sound quality and vivid light effects for your house party. You can stream your playlist via Bluetooth or from a USB stick and connect two PartyBox speakers wirelessly with the TWS feature. It has a rechargeable battery and 12V DC input which allows you to carry it anywhere.

Edifier Airpulse A100 Hi-Res Audio Active Speaker

Edifier Airpulse A100 features a Bluetooth connection and the Qualcomm core lets you have a party in any corner of your house. The active Hi-Res speakers will surely deliver a superior 3D sound to you and bring life to your party. Its multiple outputs and input options allow you to easily connect different smart devices, including your laptop, mobile phone, TV, and more.

Sony XB72 High Power Home Audio System

Sony XB72 is ready to take your dance parties to the next level. It has an extra bass button to add deep and punchy bass to your music. It also offers a flexible two-way setup that gives you great sound and flexibility to place the system wherever and however.

Bose Sound Bar 700

The Bose Smart Soundbar 700 features exceptional sound quality along with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Its sleek and sophisticated design has built-in voice assistance, supports a personalized Bose Music App, and includes a universal remote. This slim soundbar is packed with technologies that bring out the full power in every moment of your party.

Where to get All these speakers at the best price in Australia

Looking for the best party speakers can be a task at times, especially when you have the entire party to plan. You can get some of the best party speakers online in Australia on ZUMI. ZUMI has great options available between a wide price range to suit your preference. You get to check and compare the features and prices of all the best available speakers online before you purchase them. It's better to weigh the pros and cons for your speakers so you can throw a jam-packed party.


Everyone wants a speaker system that checks all the right boxes with its moderate price point and great built quality. An exceptional party speaker would have high-end impressive sound quality, high volume along with punchy bass, and Bluetooth connectivity option for convenience. There are tons of other factors like power, portability, durability among others that you need to carefully consider before making the final decision.