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The Fitbit. Still one of the best fitness trackers.

When it comes to smart and affordable wearable tech, the FitBit fitness trackers are still the best on the market. 

Yes it’s a cool and appropriate name, but it’s much more than just that.
And unless your after a digital watch with GPS tracker, or a computer to strap to your wrist- we’d suggest sticking with the bits.

Here’s a few reasons why you should get a FitBit band, before they’re sold out again.

The FitBit Gets you up and moving
With multiple settings, including easy walks - you’ll find yourself taking the stairs, or getting off the bus a stop earlier, just because you can, and it makes a difference.

The FitBit Offers a Support Network
Most people wouldn’t want to know there was a friend function built into the FitBit, but it’s one of the key features to it’s success. Track and compare yourselves against family and friends, and support and encourage each other through the free FitBit mobile app.

The FitBit Helps You Help Your Brain
Staying hydrated is hard for some. An personally, drinking water regularly is a daily battle. Why? No idea. But the Fitbit has a built in water log, so you’re constantly reminded when and how much to drink. I’ve tried all the apps, and extensions - but they were always closed, so never helped. This is different, and it works.

The FitBit is Fitness Fashion
Unlike some chunky GPS running trackers, Android or Apple Watches, FitBit is actually a pretty trendy brand. They have a range of models to suit all personalities and styles, and you don’t look strange wearing one.

So the FitBit is not an overrated wearable health gadget, but rather a smart and sleek strap-like watch that is capable of getting you getting yourself healthy.

What’s the worst that can happen? You'll know the time?