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The latest travel companion in 2021: Action Camera


Looking for a power-packed action camera to capture your next adventure? Designed to go wherever you want to, these cameras are shockproof, resistant, and protected from drops, spills, and falls. Action cameras are lightweight and compact making them easy to stuff in a bag or mount on a number of things be it your helmet, car, bike, skis, or even your dog.
The main functionality of your action camera is to capture your actions and adventures to their fullest. That implies you should be able to capture a great video in a variety of shooting modes, regardless of whether you're high up on a hill or diving far below the ocean. Let’s dig deeper to know more about them:

Why did action cameras got hyped?

Since the launch of the GoPro HD in 2009, action cameras have been a significant part of outdoor adventures. It's easy to see why action cameras have become so popular with action cameras. They are rugged, thin, offer very good quality video, and can literally be installed anywhere. The super-wide lenses also give them a unique field of view for capturing adventures. Further, 4K action camera, time-lapse, image stabilization, and even options for raw image shooting are common. The newer camera designs provide waterproofing while also providing consistent audio from the water and an optional external case increasing this depth underwater.
Below are a few factors you should look into before purchasing your action camera.

Action camera design

Compact Size and Sturdy & Waterproof Design

One of the main things in favor of action cameras is their compact size and weight. Many of the great action cameras are made of solid polycarbonate bodies that make them ideal for rough use. For those looking to film videos underwater need to buy a water-proof housing. If you are considering buying an action camera there are a few things that you might need to check such as the buttons, the screen protector, whether the memory card and battery have any protective flaps, the size, and features as per your requirements. Remember, you're only limited by your imagination.

Great Image Quality with Super Stabilization

Action cameras come a long way to offer great image quality. The mainstream action camera records 1080p resolution footage as standard, which is deemed adequate for uploaders on YouTube, Facebook, or other social media platforms. But, if you are a professional user, choose premium models which offer 4K resolution and have advanced exposure controls, offering flexible performance for capturing images and videos in all situations.

While choosing the camera, consider the frame rate of the action camera too. Most action cameras have 30fps recording rates, which is good enough for nearly everyone. However, if you are planning to capture extreme or fast-paced footage, you may want a 4K action camera or 5K action camera offering 120 to 240 fps recordings. Some of the action cameras such as GoPro, GoPro max or GoPro Hero 9 are designed to suit your needs with advanced features.

Features like Slow-Motion and Time-lapse

Action cameras make incredible time-lapse videos. With their compact size, they can be put anywhere to capture hours of footage. Most models have continuous capture ranging from 0.5 to 60 seconds, which means they can record a frame half a second or one frame every 60 seconds. The time-lapse sequence of images is then normally put together by high-end action cameras, presenting a final video. Unfortunately, many of the entry-level action cameras lack this capability and need manual editing.

Exactly who is it for?

Here are three conventional uses of an action camera to make your clicks better.

Action camera users

Travelling Enthusiast

For travel enthusiasts, action cameras serve as the perfect choice for those who want a rugged choice to take on outdoor adventures. Usually, this type of camera class is ultra-lightweight, with a shockproof and waterproof body that can withstand anything you throw at it. Because they are used to capture sports, most have large lenses, advanced stabilization, and sensors to monitor speed, altitude, and other performance indicators. They also feature GPS and WiFi, but offer little control over zoom, brightness, aperture.


2021 is said to be the year of Vloggers. Videos are already important to Facebook marketing, and with the increase in popularity of Instagram stories and LinkedIn’s video content, it's become crucial to publish engaging and interactive video content tailored for your target audience. Businesses rely on collaborations to advertise their goods with vloggers and influencers.
Sometimes the best vlogging camera is the one you have on your smartphone or webcam. With advanced features, they can now take high-quality footage and suffice for your everyday requirements. But if you are looking to invest for professional needs, make sure to find your ideal action camera to get that edge.

Underwater divers

One of the great features of action cameras is that you can put them in the waterproof cases and use them for underwater photography with image stabilization. If you are a diver, you should ensure your action camera can handle the depth you are diving to. Action cameras can all go to at least 30 - 50 meters in depth but this can vary depending on the action camera.

Leading action camera brand

Any list of the best action cameras is dominated by GoPro, especially as the company keeps the older products on a lower price range alongside launching new ones. The other leading action brands include Sony, Insta, or DJI which offers the exceptional, the DJI Osmo action.
GoPro Hero9 is considered as the best action camera overall with 5K action camera video at 30fps, is waterproof to 10 metres without a case, and has a front-facing screen for vlogging. But the arrival of DJI's first action camera, the DJI Osmo Action means GoPro now has a respected rival in the action camera market. But should your action camera be good for only one type of video? The market is seeing more crossovers such as the modular Insta360 One R Twin Edition, which comes with both an action camera and a 360 module for people who want to try all sorts of different filming techniques.
In the end, finding the best action cam will depend on how frequently you plan to use it. Do you want full resolution, waterproofing, shock-proofing, slow motion, image stabilization, wireless functionality, front-facing screen or ultimate versatility? It's worth taking some time to get acquainted with all these various action cameras and what they offer to choose the ideal action camera.

Action camera vs Digital camera

Action camera vs digital camera

An action camera is designed for capturing action when immersed in it and is synonymous with adventure sports. The action cameras are usually lightweight, durable, and surface-waterproof. Usually, they record video as a preference over stills, and if an extra protective housing is used, this facilitates continuous recording of the action without having to interfere with the camera.
Digital cameras, on the other hand, offer a lot of options with a range of lenses, making them a flexible platform for photographers. They have been around for more than 20 years, and are still the preferred camera for many professional photographers. We can say digital cameras are the king of quality images with large sensors, lenses, and features to be able to get a better image. Action cameras, on the other hand, are easy to use and can create videos up to 4k and 5k, but they are not the first choice for quality images.


When it comes to choosing an action camera, it's a matter of picking the specifications you require. You may choose a 4k or 5k action camera footage along with models that will allow frame rates of more than 30 fps. Another important element is image stabilization, which has become essential for when you film in the bumpy exploits, such as mountain biking. However, the newer the model, the more advanced its motion stabilization will be. Action cameras have advanced to the point that most are around 33 feet water-resistant; however, if you want to go any further, you'll need to get a case.
So, the last point is deciding the action camera is the brand. GoPro is certainly the dominant brand as it makes the best action cameras and has been around for a number of years. With few exceptions, if you're thinking of buying an action camera, you should look to GoPro first, and look for the camera that best fits your budget.