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Things we can expect from apple in 2021, a Simple guide to Juciest Apple rumours

It is expected that the year 2021 is going to be even more exciting for Apple in comparison to the previous year. The primary reason we are saying this is because of its renewed focus on one of its amazing products – ‘Mac’. It was in 2020 that Apple debuted the very first Macs which had an Apple silicon chip. Then in late 2020, Apple's M1 chips got highlighted and became unexpectedly powerful. These are enough reasons for us to be looking forward to what's next!

If we talk about the new releases and Apple’s most recent rumours, we can expect new iMacs and MacBook Pro models to come with even better Apple silicon chips in the works. iPhone 13 models, just can’t be missed while we talk about Apple’s new launches in 2021. Apple Watch Series 7, AirPods with their updated version, a fresh Apple TV, are amongst the few more that might be released in 2021. We have tried to include almost all of the products that we could expect to see from Apple in the year 2021 which could be based on both current rumours and information from past releases.

Apple New releases in First Half of 2021, Form Apple Rumours


Apple ipad and airpods new release

If we believe the rumours, here is the list of new releases that we might see in the first half of 2021 –

Apple Silicon iMac

Apple is currently working on several new iMac models that come with Apple silicon chips and include both high-end as well as entry-level models. If we believe the rumours, Apple is also planning to redesign iMac that features an "iPad Pro design language" and will be coming with thinner bezels and a screen size possibly of 23 to 24 inches.

It is also rumoured that Apple is working on Apple silicon chip designs with around 16 high-power cores and approximately four high-efficiency cores. But it also believed that the high-end desktop models can have 32 high-performance cores, possibly replacing the iMac Pro. It is working on some substantial GPU performance enhancements.


Apple is all set to bring the third generation Airpods that will surely have some similar features to that of AirPods Pro. These special features might include a shorter stem and replaceable silicon ear tips.

It is expected that the new AirPods might look very similar to the AirPods Pro. The price of the third-generation earbuds will be inexpensive and will cut off higher-end features like Active Noise Cancellation. Apple is also working on developing a new wireless chip that might be included in the new AirPods 3, and improvement in its battery life is also expected.

iPad Pro

There have been constant rumours that reveal about apple working on a fresh version of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and similarly the tablet expected to come with a mini-LED display. Most of the rumours are inclined towards the 12.9-inch iPad, but there’s also a possibility to have a refreshed 11-inch model in the coming future.

June Software Updates

We all know about Apple holding the Worldwide Developers Conference each year. In the same conference this year, we can see iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, tvOS 8, and macOS 12 to come.

Though we are still not sure about any of these software updates as of yet, we should start hearing details in early 2021.

Apple New releases in Second Half of 2021, From Apple Rumours

Apple upcoming 2021 new products

Here is what we are expecting from Apple in the second half of 2021 -

14.1 and 16.1-inch MacBook Pro

We are expecting Apple to replace the existing 13.1 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models by redesigning the MacBook Pro models and come up in screen sizes of 14.1 and 16.1-inch.

Apple Watch Series 7 and SE 2

Apple is known to introducing new Apple Watch models every year, and in the year 2021, it is expected that Apple will come up with Watch Series 7. We cannot comment a lot about this Series 7 for now, but it might come with new health functionality.

Higher-End Apple Silicon iMac (Pro?)

As discussed, up above, Apple is expected to be working on various versions of the iMac, which also include a higher-end model which comes with a more powerful Apple silicon chip.

Some Unknown Release date Apple Products, From Apple Rumours

There are so many Apple Rumours around and we are expecting Apple to release some unknown products also which are still not sure about. Let us have a look –

AirPods Pro

Apple is currently working on a new version of the AirPods Pro that we believe would feature a more compact design along with a new wireless chip in it. The upcoming version of AirPods might eliminate the short stem that sticks out from the bottom, subsequent in a more rounded shape, not oval like previous Airpods pro. This could be very similar to the design of competing for wire-free earbuds that companies like Google and Samsung are offering. Airpods Pro release date might not the right time to say.

There is a strong possibility that these AirPods Pro 2 could perhaps come in two sizes, but we are still not fully sure about this news.

iPad Mini 6

Agreeing to Apple’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is currently working on a brand-new version of the iPad mini that is expected to be 8.5 to 9 inches. The current size of this iPad is 7.9-inch.

New Apple TV

The last update of Apple TV came in the year 2017, so now we have a strong feeling that we're overdue for an update and we might have some news very soon. Fortunately, various sources have suggested we might see a fresh model launch in 2021.