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Ultimate Vlogging kit 2021 Edition

Content creators are exploring vlogging as a form of communication by making videos that offer an easier, more interactive, and more digestible way of communicating information. There are gadgets and equipment that you would need to invest in to get the best vlogging experience.

Firstly you would need a good quality camera like an action camera or GoPro, a DSLR or any other depending upon the type of content you will be creating. Other tools and gears would include a laptop, editing software, microphones, a tripod, video lighting and more. If you have these key gears ready with you, you can produce high-quality videos without a professional production team.

Different Cameras for different types of Vlogs

Different types cameras used for Vlogging

Understanding the right camera requirement for the type of content you are creating plays a very crucial part. You could have the best camera and inefficient results if the camera does not sync with your content needs. The right choice of camera will have a positive impact on both audio and video quality.

Role of DSLR camera

Investing in the right DSLR camera will make your videos stand out. When purchasing a DSLR camera for vlogging, be sure to look for one that has both a flip-up display and a microphone jack. A display that you can see while standing in front of the camera will make it much easier to frame and record yourself in the shot, while a microphone jack will let you capture better audio.

While getting a DSLR you will have to get a heavy-duty tripod that will be able to hold the additional weight. Giants like Sony and Canon offer camera choices in a wide range that give you less expensive options to start with.

Best Action Camera for Cinematics shots

If you are looking for something compact, you should look for an Action camera. You can experience the best cinematic shots with unbeatable GoPro Hero9 Black. It has a small front-facing screen so you can frame yourself in the shot, and can shoot 5K video and also help you film cinematic time-lapses.

Requirements for Video editing

Laptops and Headphones for Video Editing

Text-based media such as blogs have been receiving higher bounce rates meaning people navigate away from websites due to a lack of patience. Your smartphone offers great video quality, but that alone isn’t enough. If your audio is muffled and hard to hear or the frame isn’t stable, it can ruin the entire quality of the content. There are a few things that need to be prioritized while picking equipment for your vlogging kit.

Best Laptops for video editing

Laptops have become more powerful than ever. They offer a level of performance that allows them to run the best video editing software with ease. The battery lives on these laptops are also better than ever, as the powerful components they use are now more efficient than ever.

Apple’s MacBook Pro 16 inch is a great laptop for video editing, combining incredibly powerful components along with a gorgeous thin and light design. Dell XPS 15 (2020) is packed with 10th generation Intel processors, and it can also be configured to come with a discrete graphics card, which is ideal for video editing. There are many other good options by Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Acer and more that can assist you with video editing.

why a pair of Good Headphones required?

You won’t be able to produce the best audio unless you have proper headphones to review the sound post-production. You need to find a pair of headphones that are built for long periods of editing and tinkering. If the sound quality is crystal clear then you will be able to match it better with the video and deliver perfectly synced content.

Software you need to know for video editing

You will need a combination of some of the best video editing software to be able to stitch together pieces of your monologue, add-in video clips from your library or the internet, and add music and other elements to your video. You can make use of software like Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Elements like Premiere Pro, and more for your vlog editing journey.

Where to buy all these accessories at the best price in Australia

It can be quite challenging to look for all the gadgets of your vlogging kit at various places. You can get all the tools and gear online without spending a fortune at ZUMI. You can compare all available options and choose the best combination for your kit. You can also get all the equipment along with additional accessories in one place.


Content creators use vlogs to share their stories, ideas, and more. Your basic vlogging kit will consist of a DSLR or an action camera like the GoPro, a laptop for video editing, headphones, a tripod, video lighting, and editing software. The use of the correct vlogging kit will help you deliver the ultimate experience for your audience. With these great tools, you can create professional-quality videos by yourself.