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What is a Smart Projector & is it Worth Buying?

How about transforming your phone’s screen to almost 8 times its original screen size? The objective of using a smart projector does something similar for you and offers you an amazing viewing experience. So, what actually is a smart Projector? A smart projector is typically a portable device that is a blend of innovative display technologies along with intelligent integrated functionality. The latest generation will link with your mobile devices, home network, and content services for a smooth and enhanced viewing experience. Once connected, you will be amazed at what wonderful experience a right smart projector can deliver to you.

Smart Projectors can be used as an excellent option for home theatres as they can integrate all the features of a home theatre into a single device. They can simultaneously communicate with all your speaker systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, and all the other media devices. They also come with the feature of autofocus on your screen and auto-adjust the brightness for a superior view.

Benefits and Uses of having a Smart Projector

Benefits of Smart Projector

The whole sole purpose of getting a smart projector is to watch your favorite videos, movies, etc on a bigger screen. Smart projectors can make getting and watching the big picture a lot easier. These also provide better sound quality as compared to normal speakers.

If we talk about the benefits and uses of having a smart projector, there are many. Let us have a look at a few of these -

Online Video Streaming

In this golden age of content and in the tough times of COVID-19, we all have developed a habit of watching our favorite sitcoms and series by streaming them online on various platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, etc. But while we mostly watch them on our phones or laptops and rarely on our televisions, smart projectors can be a game-changer here. With the introduction of smart projectors in the public market, the experiences one can get while being at home and enjoy watching his favorite shows online in his comfortable private space are indescribably good.

Big Gaming Experience

In this era of 4K and 8K televisions and especially during the times of big purchase sales events, projectors get left behind and do not get the spotlight they deserve. And what’s even more disappointing is that many qualities smart projectors deliver excellent pictures, offer enough brightness to work in the daytime, and are way more portable than a TV and it also offers a projected image that can be much larger. The big picture from a smart projector can make for an amazing gaming setup because it can make the game world that you are exploring stretch across the wall and make your gaming experience truly an elite one!

Theater like movie experience at home

Smart projectors are the best to get a theater-like experience in the comfort of your home.
You can choose these smart projectors to transform your four walls into a cinema with a press of a few buttons. Project images, videos, movies in best quality and crisp high definition, despite varied qualities

Some Top Projectors you can Look for –

Top projector in 2021

Here is the list of a few top smart projectors that you can pick for yourself -

BenQ HT2150ST –

This smart projector comes with the following special features like different picture modes like bright, vivid, cinema, game, Game (Bright), User, (3D), etc. It has a low Input Lag of 16ms and has a screen size as large as 304.8 cm (120 inches). It comes with 2200 Lumens Brightness. Go for it for an amazing experience with the smart projector.

ViewSonic M1+

Go for ViewSonic M1+ for the world experience of the smart projectors. It offers incredible features like wireless screen mirroring and Wi-Fi connection to the App Store, dual integrated Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers, Smart Stand for 360-degree projection, USB Type-C Connectivity, iF Award-winning design. It is no less than a luxury experience at your home.

Samsung Laser 4K

Get the premier experience with the Samsung Laser 4K smart projector. This offers the ultimate big-picture experience and comes with Ultra Short Throw capability which allows easy placement and pictures up to 120 inches, and with 4K, images are bright, detailed, beautiful.

Optoma GT1080HDR

The Optoma GT1080HDR is a 4K Signal / HDR Compatible projector. It has a shorter installation distance with a short-throw lens design having a brightness of 1080p – 3,800 ANSI Lumens. The High contrast outcome of the projector is 50,000:1 with easy connectivity through HDMI, VGA, and 10W speaker. It has low ownership costs with up to 15,000 hours of lamp life (Eco+ Mode). These features are not only efficient but also support durable services.

Is the Smart projector worth its price?

With multiple features and exclusive services, a smart projector is every penny of worth. The projector facilitates smart and advanced activities.

Smart projectors are an exceptional option for home theatres and definitely, a must-go product when it comes to enhancing your viewing experience. These smart projectors have the ability to incorporate all of a home theatre’s features into a single device. They are smart enough to independently connect and establish hassle-free communication with your speaker system, Wi-Fi network, and all your other media devices. They also come with the smart feature of autofocusing on your screen and adjust the brightness.

Where to buy Smart Projectors in Australia?

Where to buy Smart Projector in Australia

The Internet offers a lot of options when you think of buying gadgets and electronics online in Australia. It becomes your sole responsibility to do proper research and find out the authentic dealer to buy Smart Projectors. While exploring the above-mentioned projectors, we are sure you have your grounds clean on why a smart projector is need of the hour and smart choice. With all the options explored, we recommend you buy it online from Zumi Australia. It not only provides you with a hassle-free process but also efficient support services. Go for your favorite one either from the above-mentioned list or from your own research from the internet. Do not wait. Pick the right one for you!