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Why are Gaming PC better option than Gaming Laptops?

Gaming is passion and when we talk about gaming geeks, each one has different choices, and one size fits all option doesn’t work in this case. A few of them love to buy gaming monitor specially who loves huge ATX towers with attractive RGB lighting that could be connected to that amazing, curved monitor along with the mechanical keyboard. While others would want to keep it compact with less space and would go with the choice of a laptop so that they just have to fold it and tuck it away when they are not using it.

Difference between Gaming PC and Gaming Laptop

Difference between Gaming PC and Gaming Laptops

There are many differences between Gaming PC and Gaming Laptop and each of these has its own benefits. When we talk about the Gaming PC or desktop, the complete configuration can be customised, and user can do the entire gaming setup as per their requirements. A gaming laptop is obviously a compact and you can enjoy gaming anywhere by just pulling it out and put on your headphones, but the real gamers would go with the choice of having a Gaming PC for the real gaming feel.

When we talk about the performance of desktop and laptop for gaming, apart few of the laptops which are innovative would definitely close the gap till some extent, but vote for highest end parts along with the best performance and potential goes to desktop platforms right now.

Also, if we compare the prices of both Gaming Laptop and Gaming desktop, the price of Laptop goes a bit higher. Anyways it is hard to compare the pricing part of gaming laptops and gaming desktops because there are a lot of configurations and other pricing components makes the pricing part vary. If you are choosing high-end monitor screen, rock solid headphones and of course best keyboard, you might end up spending even more on the Gaming desktops.

So, we can say that custom desktop could cost you a bit less but again it all depends on the kind of display, accessories, and the peripherals you are going with.

Why do gamers prefer gaming PCs over gaming laptops?

Why do gamers prefer gaming PCs over gaming laptops

A lot of gamers around the world still count on gaming PCs because of pricing choices, and best performance. When it comes to power that a gaming desktop delivers over the gaming laptops, its far ahead. A gaming desktop is still considering the most powerful, easily upgradeable, which is available in the best pricing options. So, if you are looking for affordable options and have ethe best gaming experience, going with the desktop is highly recommended. PC. Utilize full-sized desktop components, switch almost anything you want and whenever you want, and, if saving some money is something you are looking for, just for the desktop gaming version.

But if you’re the one who is avoiding blocking a lot of space in your room for the gaming setup that a desktop might require, going with a gaming laptop is still a good choice and makes far more sense. There are high chances you might not get the same raw power with the laptop version of your gaming setup, but you will get gaming laptops available in various pricing range, and moreover, they can still run games at their uppermost settings. Only constraint with gaming laptops is that they are less upgradeable and eventually you need to replace them entirely when they are outdated over the years.

So, if you use desktop for gaming or a laptop, it is sure that your games on PC will give you real gaming feel and is preferably the best choice. There are several reasons because of which most of the gamers think of desktops first when they think of gaming PCs.

Essential Gaming Accessories

Essential Gaming Accessories

Gaming is nothing without those necessary and amazing accessories. We are sure that it’s the accessories that gives the final touch to the gaming rig. Be it a set of high-quality speakers/headphones for that incredible sound experience or, a gaming keyboard or even that multiple 4K monitors, or a mouse for that sake, you have a lot of options to take your gaming experience to another level

Let’s have a look at some of the best accessories that fully compliment with your gaming rig:

Gaming Mouse

Opting for a gaming mouse instead of your normal ‘point-n-click’ mouse is always a good idea. Initially when you start off with it, you won’t be able to consider the difference, but eventually you will start experiencing the difference and you will start liking them too.

Gaming mouse are obviously deigned to give you a high-end gaming experience and most of these comes with high-grade optical sensors, ergonomic construction and button switches that are of much better quality if we compare it to the normal once. The lighting effect on some of these gaming mouse make them look super cool and attractive. Some of these even gives you the advantage of tweaking the size, weight and even the shape of your gaming mouse so that it perfectly fits in your hands for real gaming feels

Gaming Keyboard

Monitor is the primary gaming accessory when you choose to go with the desktop version for setting up your gaming zone but after monitor, the keyboard is perhaps the most vital accessory for gamers. Thanks to the technology, the gaming laptops comes with the feature of full customization just as per your requirements and based on your individuals’ requirements and specifications. Gaming geeks have unique wants when it comes to upgrading their gaming experience. Whether it is the backlighting you want, or the mechanical switches for that unique feel, textured key caps or you just want your commands to be recognised quickly, this is now all possible and you can choose the keyboard of your choices from the coolest options available in the market today.


You would not like to play your favourite games in complete silent and would require a decent set of headphones for sure. Investing a little for your preferred piece of headphones or speakers won’t cost you more.

There are two major benefits of choosing the headphones or speakers to add on to your gaming zone and give you the perfect gaming feel. One is getting the real experience while also not letting everyone in home get up with the gunshots from the ‘Call of duty’, second is the microphone capability that comes with your headset which allows you to talk to your fellow gamers while playing together.

One thing you must remember while choosing headphones for you is looking for the comfort. The more comfortable your headphones are, the better will be your gaming experience. So, geeks, choose yours wisely!

Where to buy Gaming Accessories in Australia?

Where to buy Gaming Accessories in Australia

There are a lot of places online in Australia from where you can pick your favourite gaming accessories. But make sure you are buying it from an authentic and reliable seller in Australia. Zumi offers best of gaming accessories online in Australia and endeavours to bring to you the best options in gaming headphones, keyboards and mouse to allow you to have the special gaming experience.