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You Definitely Need These 11 Essential Apple Watch Apps


Apple Watch is a must-have thing one should have in times of technological advancement. Which is the best apple watch to buy? Which are the best iwatch apps? Which are the top apple watch apps? Where can one buy an apple watch at the lowest price online? Which smartwatches are for iPhone? These are some of the popping questions in every mind while purchasing the apple watch. After a lot of research and personal experience, we have sorted all these answers for you at a place.

Get more from your Apple smartwatch

Apple watch is loaded with innumerous features but people rarely use all the features of the device. From just being there to tell the time watch have technologically advanced. Here is the list of few things that you can do if you have purchased an Apple Smartwatch, and if you haven’t then this list will surely make you want one.

  • Helps to monitor Heart rate, oxygen level, ECG readings.
  • You can access your notifications on the wrist and the world and work feels so easy.
  • Tracks your workout and analyses it on VO2 max.
  • For calls and messages, you need not open your phone every time now.
  • You have Siri on your command.
  • Tickets and Boarding passes can be accessed on it.
  • Makes navigation easy by providing details from turn by turn.
  • Tracking fitness from calories to exercise.
  • Sleep Patterns can be tracked which helps to know the consistency of bedtime which is a great factor in getting rest.
  • Pair it with Bluetooth headphones and enjoy the music. Apple Music comes in an Apple watch other than that you can also add some mp3 to it and enjoy it from the watch.
  • You can unlock your Mac using the watch.
  • One can use and customize the App Dock.
  • It is waterproof and includes an eject mode to get rid of any water.

best apps for your apple watch

Here Are the Apple Watch Apps You Need

  1. Citymapper - It provides quite precise and clear instructions. One can access stops on the journey, upcoming transport in the area. Even without having your phone in hand, you can complete your journey.
  2. Strava - With a stable and reliable experience, this fitness app stands alone in its league. From running to cycling it is one of the best with GPS tracking features.
  3. Health and Wellbeing - From tracking medications to sleep it covers all you need.
  4. Endel - It was also regarded as the app of the year in 2020. It helps one to be calmer and reduce stress. App provides you with a week trial and if you are satisfied with the experience you can subscribe for that.
  5. Solar Watch - For your snaps, it provides information about the golden hour.
  6. PB - Lost Phone alert for Watch- PB refers to Phone Buddy notifier. If the iPhone and Apple watch are separated for too long within the threshold distance that was set, alarms start ringing. You can also disable this on your home Wi-Fi so that it doesn’t ring every time you are going from one room to another without a phone.
  7. ESPN - Live sports and Score- Now you need not check your phone for regular updates of the match and need not worry about how you will be connected with the match while working. This app lets you connect to every score in almost every match.
  8. FlickType - Watch Keyboard- It provides a QWERTY keyboard on your wrist which at first seems uneasy to the eyes but once you use it seems faster than Apple’s options.
  9. Mint - Helps to keep a track of your bills.
  10. Countdowns - If you keep forgetting the birthday and anniversary, then this app is your saviour.
  11. Bear Focus Timer - Helps to maintain your productivity throughout the day.

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    Where to buy Apple Watch at lowest price online?

    Zumi is one of the best places to buy Apple watches. With the Buy now Pay later platform and BITPAY, it is emerging as one of the best online mediums to purchase Apple Watch with a personal and safe shopping experience.
    Apple Watch 3 is the best value watch at this moment with brilliant fitness tracking and is cheaper as compared to others in the market.


    From tracking fitness to increasing productivity Apple watch brings all the things on your wrist. Getting your hands on the best Apple watch to enhance your device with the best iwatch apps, eases the lifestyle of one and all. If you have not purchased your watch yet, what are you waiting for, go and grab yours!!