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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Rumours and Everything We Want To See

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If you've got that worrying feeling about the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and you think it is due out any day now, it is because we are long past the awaited release window of last year, and there are fresh Intel chips ready to slot right in. 

What to expect from Microsoft Surface Pro 8

While we talk about the design changes, Microsoft is still considering a few tweaks in terms of the design of the new Surface Pro 8. Based on the early leaks and rumours, we did not find any information about an entry-level Core i3 model, but as per the European dealer listings, it consists of a Core i3 Surface Pro 8 along with an upgraded 8GB of memory.

The Surface Pro has already made its place in the Microsoft Surface lineup. The reason is its price is less than the Surface Book. It is considered to be more powerful than the Surface Go and is faster than the Surface Laptop. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 release date & Pricing?

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 has a high chance of getting released in the year 2021. As per the latest news, we've seen hints that it should come anytime soon. 

While the last Surface Pro was announced in October 2019, this makes clear that Microsoft has gone over a year, not including any refreshment in its hardware – a little it has not done since 2016. But taking COVID’s critical situations in the past has also made a mess of the world and bought the world to a standstill. It has also badly affected the manufacturing supply chains, and it is no surprise that the Surface Pro 8 has had to be pressed back a few months. 

Talking about the pricing of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 8 – we are thankful for the years of relatively stable pricing. The price of the Surface Pro 8 is not that hard to predict, even though we don’t have much information from the leaks and rumours.

While we examine the prices of the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro 6. It started at $749 for a Core i3 model for Surface Pro 7, and for Surface Pro 6 it started at $799 with a Core i5 CPU. 

So, when it comes to Surface Pro 8 – this will likely start at around $800. But considering a unit with a Core i5, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD model, this will typically have the higher pricing which would go up to $1,199.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 design 

Since the original claiming to be the Surface Pro 8 leaked on eBay, we were upset to hear that the tablet's bodywork will be completely similar to that of the Surface Pro 7 – which will restrict the potential hardware upgrades to internal components. 

Despite the assumption that the Surface Pro 8 may possibly include wild and distinct features Microsoft had patented, which includes a kickstand adorned with solar panels, it does not look like they're coming any time soon. Perhaps on the Surface Pro 9, or Surface Pro 10?

Expected Features, New Specs & Is There Any Good News For Gamers?

Latest leaks indicate that the new Surface Pro 8 might come with –

- Intel 11th Gen processors, with up to 32GB RAM 

- Iris Xe integrated graphics 

- Optional LTE (but only on the Core i5 variants)

- Core i7 variants might get up to 1TB of storage along with 32GB of RAM

The more recent of the two leaks also included the 8GB, Core i3-powered Surface Pro 8 for the first time.

Microsoft should also look into the fact that how the industry is trending to thinner bezels, and should also work on finding a way to provide us with the choice of larger screen (larger than the 12.3-inch) display, actually larger than the current Surface Pro. 

An early verdict & what we want on Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Here is something, we are expecting from Surface Pro 8

Longer battery life

We are looking forward to having a better battery life than that of The Surface Pro 7's. Its battery performance was the biggest flaw which we are definitely not expecting from Surface Pro 8

Should come with more stability

We have been seeing reports of Windows 10 update failures and are also aware of one recent update that has sent the Surface Pro 7 into a series of random shutdowns across potentially hundreds of users. We are certainly not expecting this from Surface Pro, which is a flagship Microsoft device and should be reliable.

Shrunken bezels

We are expecting Surface Pro to be an industry leader, and thus should look like a device released today, and definitely not like the model that had come out in 2015.

Clearer, better and stronger sound

The Surface Pro 7's sound output drastically failed to impress its customers, and we really hope Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 can catch up on volume!

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