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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - A Better & Faster Upgrade!

To the list of the rumoured online leaks of gadgets before their official launch, is now added the South Korean tech giant, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4. All eyes are on the renders of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 that have been accidentally revealed and have spilled the beans for Samsung’s upcoming smartwatches. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Series is a line of smartwatches that includes health, fitness and fashion features that were officially launched in 2018. Since then, diverse versions of the series have been frequently launched by the brand. The latest in the lineup is Samsung Galaxy4 Watch. 

The motherlode of information has just been released. In, of all the places, an Amazon listing, every little detail of the Samsung Galaxy4 watch has been revealed, it seems.

The internet is flooded with little details and secrets of the Samsung Galaxy4 Watch series that are yet to be officially launched by the brand in a supposed launch event in August 2021. 

The leaks reveal secrets to all four of the models lined up to be released yet. Two models called Galaxy Watch4, measuring 40mm and 44mm, plus two of the Galaxy Watch4 Classic, 42mm and 46mm. The leaked renders online purportedly show the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in four distinct colour options: 

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Dark Green
  • Rose Gold 

We at Zumi bring to you all the details about the Galaxy4 Watch that have created a huge buzz in the market already. We hope this will illuminate you to make an informed decision about what features are on the offer, pricing, design, style and what suits best to your needs.

All About the Appealing Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 

  • Big Storage Upgrade

Few more tidbits also reveal that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 might have a major power boost, as the other collection such as Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 is rumoured to hold a powerful 5nm chipset. Apparently, it's called the Exynos W920 and it's said to offer 8.8x smoother graphics performance and 1.25x faster CPU processing times than the one used in Galaxy Watch 3. The wearable might also come with 1.5GB of RAM (up from 1GB in its predecessor), while storage space is believed to be upgraded to 16GB, we say that would be a major upgrade.

  • Improved Health Tracking

There are plenty of health metrics like some of the best smartwatches that are on the offer and common to all four of the models. The metrics include body composition analysis, sleep tracking, VO2 Max and blood oxygen as well as heart rate monitoring. Google Wear OS is highlighted as well, which doesn’t surprise the readers given the amount of limelight Samsung has thrown at switching to Google’s operating system. The new smartwatch is also said to have a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) sensor for monitoring body composition. The existence of a BIA sensor on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 would allow users to measure their body fat and muscle mass.

  • Better Display & Battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will be unveiled in silver colour, which’s clear from the recently leaked renders. It appears to have rounded edges and a thinner profile with two large buttons on the right edge. The listing also confirms the rotating bezel for the Classic model, a stainless steel build as well as the screen sizes which range from 1.19 inches to 1.36 inches, depending on which size you get. Battery capacity is also somewhat standardized, with the smaller models coming with a 247mAh battery, and the larger ones a 361mAh battery.

  • Stronger Connectivity (NFC & GPS)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is expected to have LTE and Wi-Fi variants, and both the variants are likely to have NFC support and features including offline music playback.

When paired with a Galaxy smartphone, you can also benefit from the numerous features like apps being automatically put on your wearable when they're installed on your phone.

Expected Galaxy Watch 4 Release Date & Pricing

The rumours have it that the Galaxy4 watch is valued at $309 Canadian dollars that turn out to be around $250 US dollars. The 46mm Galaxy Watch4 Classic is valued a little on the higher end and comes at a tag of $463 Canadian dollars that roughly accounts for $370 US dollars. 

The company is expected to host its next launch event in August where it is expected to officially announce the new Galaxy Watch 4 series. 

Samsung we believe will surely have kept something up its sleeve, we will have to wait for an official announcement or yet another leak in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned to our website to get the first-hand details of the latest product launches and releases.