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How To Make a Co-Payment

How To Make a Co-Payment

Below are less than 10 EASY Steps to complete a Co-Payment where the item being purchased exceeds your available ZIP balance.

  1. Add an item (s) to your cart that exceed your available credit limit with ZIP. In the example below the credit limit available is $1,000. 


  1. Complete your shipping details and click “Continue” 

  1. Select Standard shipping (FREE) or Express shipping and click “Continue to payment method

  1. Select “ZIP” as the payment method and click “Complete order”

 There is now a re-direct away from the ZUMI website to the ZIP payment gateway where you will be prompted to Login or Create a ZIP account.

  1. Login to ZIP or create an account


ZIP will now notify you that your basket exceeds your limit. It will also remind you once again what your available credit limit is ($1,000 in this example)

  1. Select “Ok, got it” to continue

  1. Confirm your order by checking the details and click "Continue"

A security code is now generated and sent from ZIP via text message to the account owners registered mobile phone.

  1. Click "Send Code" and after a few seconds, enter the verification code sent to registered mobile device and click "Complete order"


  1. Click “Pay now” to pay the balance or enter different card details