Dell Mixed Reality Visor with Controllers

Gadgets - Dell Mixed Reality Visor With Controllers
Gadgets - Dell Mixed Reality Visor With Controllers
Gadgets - Dell Mixed Reality Visor With Controllers
Gadgets - Dell Mixed Reality Visor With Controllers
Gadgets - Dell Mixed Reality Visor With Controllers


Dell Mixed Reality Visor with Controllers

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"Mixed Reality made simple, without the neck ache" - STUFF

  • 2.89" LCD (1440x1440 per eye)
  • 90Hz Refresh Rate, Fresnel Lens with 110 degree view
  • Bluetooth Visor Controllers
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It might look like some of the test kit you’d find in an Aperture Science laboratory, but don’t panic: the only portal Dell’s Visor headset will be opening is to a world of virtual reality.

Dive into mind-bending reality

Dell systems are the foundation of virtual reality, delivering immersive experiences via innovative machines packed with top-tier specs. We've created a set of standards and collaborated with industry leaders to bring you laptops, desktops, workstations – and now the Dell Visor. The Dell Visor is a Windows Mixed Reality headset and it’s ready for action right out of the box. Pair it with select hardware and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and watch your VR games, videos and movies come to life

Key Features

Take your vision on a voyage
Gorgeous,no matter where you turn: With 1440 x 1440 resolution per eye and a 90 Hz refresh rate*, you’ll experience 360-degree views with complete clarity. It’s an experience that feels as good as it looks.

Change your perspective: Two Sharp 2.89" LCD panel displays and Fresnel lenses deliver razor-sharp focus and outstanding focal depth for a clear, awe-inspiring view.

Escape to anywhere
Become one with the experience: Move with agility thanks to a weight-balanced headband designed to take the pressure off your nose and cheeks and ground your center of gravity. 

Get lost in the moment: Front and rear head sponges made from a high-density material reduce friction for complete comfort no matter where you choose to explore. The headband fits snugly on your forehead while the rubber nose pad blocks incoming light.

Master your domain: Command your world with the Dell Visor Controllers. Six degrees of freedom allows for seamless movements in virtual reality, from forward, backwards, up and down to left and right. Complete your experience with Haptic feedback, a sensation that responds to touch and makes every movement feel more real.

Turn your world inside out: Camera sensors located on the visor use inside-out tracking to conduct the controllers. This eliminates the need for external cameras and delivers an immersive experience anywhere.

Exceptional looks good on you
Raise your standards: Your Dell Visor features a sleek, stylish white design that stands out in any setting. But it’s more than a gorgeous headset, it’s ergonomic – with a flip-up visor that raises 90-degrees for fast transitions between the virtual world and reality. The premium look combined with seamless transitions elevates your experience every time you wear it.

Fit for another dimension: An adjustable thumbwheel lets you adjust the size of the headband for the perfect fit. The face sponge attaches with Velcro and lets you interchange sizes, including glasses wearers. These small adjustments make sharing your headset easy, even though you may not want to.

Go the distance without distraction: Move freely thanks to the cable management clip. It secures and routes the Y-cable, a cord that splits in two and connects the USB 3.0 for power and HDMI for video, to below the headband and out of your line of sight.

Shape your own world
Go deeper into the game: Your controller features six degrees of freedom for more agile movements during gameplay. From forward, backwards, up and down to left and right, every experience becomes more real.

Turn your world inside out: Inside-out camera sensors located on the Dell Visor track the controllers. This eliminates the need for external cameras or markers for immersive experiences that can be set up anywhere.

Feel the difference: Sink deeper into every virtual experience with Haptic feedback that vibrates and reacts to each electrifying moment.

Tech Specs

2.89" LCD (RGB subpixel)

Refresh Rate 

Field of view 
110 degrees

Tracking Architecture 
6DoF, "Inside-out" tracking

Headset Tracking Hardware 
Dual B+W VGA Camera for mapping

Thumb stick
Trigger button
Grab button
Windows button
Menu button
Pairing button

1440 x 1440 per eye, 706ppi

Lens Type 

Lens Adjustment 
Software IPD

Tracking Sensors 
Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetomer


4 x AA batteries


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