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GoPro MAX 360 Action Cam

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  • Max HyperSmooth
  • Max TimeWarp
  • 1080p Live Streaming

GoPro MAX 360 Action Cam


Packing Max HyperSmooth, Max TimeWarp, Max SuperView plus a single-lens HERO and dual-lens 360 camera MAX, maxes out the redness. Shoot single-lens HERO-style video with unbreakable stabilization or capture immersive 360 footage. Vlog to the max with shotgun-mic performance and a front-facing screen.

Key Features

  • Max HyperSmooth- Say hello to the new king of stabilization. Max HyperSmooth delivers the smoothest video ever from a GoPro—plus game-changing horizon levelling when you want it.
  • Digital Lenses- Tap through four lenses to nail any shot: Narrow, distortion-free Linear, Wide and Max SuperView—our widest view yet.
  • Reframe- With the GoPro app, easily transform mind-bending 360 footage into traditional videos and photos. Playback, edit and share—all from your phone.
  • 360 Audio- Six—yes, six built-in microphones combine to capture immersive 360 audio, directional audio for vlogging, wind-noise reduction and the best stereo sound ever from a GoPro.
  • PowerPano- Capture unbelievable, distortion-free 270° panoramic shots with one click. You can even capture selfies and action PowerPano pics.
  • Max TimeWarp- Create mesmerizing, unbreakably smooth motion time-lapse videos in 360 and HERO modes. And in HERO mode, you can also drop in and out of real-time while recording.
  • Rugged + Waterproof- It’s a GoPro built tough. Really wanna go hard? Snap-on the included protective lenses and charge. And it’s waterproof down to 16ft (5m).
  • GoPro App- Capture. Edit. Share. Repeat. The GoPro app automatically creates awesome edits and makes it easy to share them with the world.
  • Voice Control- Are hands busy? Say one of 13 voice commands, like “GoPro, start recording.” Or “GoPro, take a photo.”
  • Live Streaming in 1080p- Share epic moments as they go down. Use HERO mode to stream to Facebook Live, YouTube™ and more even with Max HyperSmooth on.
  • On-Screen Shortcuts- Set up your shot with a quickness. Customize your screen with shortcuts to the features you use most.
  • Short Clips + Portrait Orientation- Grab 15 or 30-second clips that are just the right length for sharing. You can even shoot vertically perfect for Snapchat and Instagram Stories.
  • Immersive Photos- Take jaw-dropping 360 photos or legendary GoPro POV shots. And a photo timer makes it easy to grab selfies or group shots with your whole crew in the frame.


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