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Logitech K845 Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (Red Mechanical Key Switches)

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  • Wired USB Connection
  • Aluminum Design
  • Keys Tested up to 50 Million Clicks

Buy Logitech K845 Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (Red Mechanical Key Switches)


Logitech K845 Backlit Mechanical Keyboard features Logitech red switches, this keyboard is designed to provide an accurate typing experience. The red switches are a linear mechanism, ideal for fast reactivity and a smooth typing experience. Its media and shortcut keys ensure productivity, while the aluminium top plate is designed for durable daily use. The keyboard features five backlight modes that allow you to choose a lighting scheme that fits your style. Moreover, the keys are tested with up to 50 million clicks and offers moulded characters for optimum resilience.

Key Features

  • Cherry MX Red Mechanical Switches- Mechanical keyboards utilize a different type of key switch technology for a more durable and unique typing experience. The Cherry MX Red switch has an actuation force of 45 g and features a linear travel with no tactile bump. This can be beneficial for users who don't need the tactility of other switches. Additionally, with close actuation and release points, Cherry MX Red switches allow for easier double-tapping.
  • Five Ways To Backlight- Type with ease, even after dark. Light the entire keyboard to see every key, or choose between five lighting patterns. Set the mood with breathing or serpent patterns. Light up each key you hit with reactive lighting or choose random mode for a twinkling effect. Use FN+F12 to switch between illumination patterns and FN+F1/F2 to decrease or increase the brightness.
  • Type Comfortably for Longer- A curved profile, slim front, and angled keys work together to create a natural typing position for longer, more comfortable work. Choose your preferred position with additional tilt legs that let you switch between 4 and 8° angles. 
  • Aluminum Design- Precision-built for typing, this keyboard is designed to provide the mechanics of a gaming keyboard and a sleek, modern look with floating keys and an aluminium top case.
  • Durable Construction- The solid, anodized aluminium top ensures durability, while keys feature switches tested up to 50 million clicks and moulded characters that won't fade or wear off.
  • Full-Size and Space-Saving- Despite its full keyboard design and number pad, the K845 is designed to provide a small footprint without skimping on productivity. You can even use FN keys to get easy access to 12 media and shortcut keys (F1-F12).

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