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MBeat 2-in-1 USB Turntable and Cassette Digital Recorder

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  • Belt drive with auto & manual stop
  • Auto & manual stop selection
  • USB recording to PC & Mac

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Whether you just want an easy way to play your old records and cassettes, or you want to bring them into the 21st century and convert them to digital, the mbeat USB Turntable and Cassette to Digital Recorder is the perfect device for you! The built-in speaker allows you to play records and cassettes at your leisure, while the digital recorder allows you to convert the music into digital files.

Key Feature

  • Converts records and cassettes to digital format using a USB connection and provided software
  • Digital music can be transferred onto portable music players so you can take your record and cassette collection anywhere
  • Built in speaker and portable design
  • Deluxe wooden casing
  • Compatible with both Windows and MAC
  • Rotary volume dial with LED shows you how hard you are cranking the volume!
  • Supports all record types and speeds (45rpm adaptor included)
  • Cassette playback
  • Rotary power and volume dial


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