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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus R175

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  • The earbuds changing the way you experience sound.
  • Speak without having to shout
  • The power that keeps you grooving

Buy Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Black R175


These black Samsung headphones are in-ear headphones. They have wireless connectivity, allowing you to connect without needing cables. These black headphones are a good option for tuning in to the game while working out.

Key Features

  • Escape into your music- Rich, natural sound is now expanded by Galaxy Buds plus a new, 2-way dynamic speaker system and boosted driver. The powerful bass and crisp high notes will have you moving to the beat wherever you go.
  • Adapts To Noise, So You Do Not Have To- Galaxy Buds plus an adaptive 3 microphone system make sure you’re being heard over distracting noises. The 2 outer mics work together with the inner mic to block out surrounding sounds while you’re on a call.
  • Hear what you want to hear- Adjust how much of the outside world you let in to stay aware and connected. Turn up Ambient sound volume when you need to engage your surroundings without having to take your earbuds out.
  • One step to connect- Pair your Galaxy Buds+ in one seamless step to compatible devices on your Samsung Cloud account. No need to disconnect, Bluetooth connectivity shifts easily from your phone to your tablet or other Samsung devices.
  • The sound quality you can hear- Catch the details of your music and videos in the balanced and spacious audio crafted by AKG. The satisfying studio-quality sound is pure and natural, enhancing listening to podcasts, audiobooks and phone calls.


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