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Samsung The Terrace Wall mount 55" - Compatible with 55LST7T

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  • This product can only be delivered within NSW
  • Wall Mount to suit 55" Terrace TV
  • Special Alloy for Use Outside
  • Wall Clearance: 52-214mm

Buy Samsung The Terrace Wall mount 55" - Compatible with 55LST7T


Home entertaining doesn’t stop at the back door. The Samsung wall mount is strong enough to support a full-body large screen TV. The Terrace outdoor TV wall mount holds up strong and sturdy even in outside environments. 

Key Features

  • Weather-resistant durability -  The Terrace 55” TV Wall-Mount has a galvanized steel frame and stainless-steel screws to prevent corrosion and discolouration from rain or sunlight.
  • Safe TV installation - The Terrace 55” Wall-Mount has a safe loading weight of 40Kg and is built to minimize all risk factors. So feel free to hang and tilt your TV.
  • Enjoy Outdoor TV on an angle - Watch your Terrace 55” TV comfortably. With The Terrace 55” TV Wall-mount you can move your TV screen up and down, left and right, and even tilt it forward to bring the screen closer to you, so you can enjoy Outdoor TV on an angle.
  • Built for outdoor entertainment - 55" Wall Mount is likely to create a 53-214mm gap between the Terrace and the wall. This gap may vary depending on installation and wall type.


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