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Smart Cricket BatSense

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The BatSense enables players to analyse and improve their batting with data-centric insights like never before. When fitted onto a bat and synced with the app, the sensor captures multiple performance parameters such as Bat Speed, Back Lift Angle, and Follow Through among others. With exciting features such as 3D analysis of shots and bat path tracking, BatSense is democratising sports technology for cricket lovers.

This package includes the following components:

– 1 Sensor
– 1 Bat Sleeve

– 1 USB Charging Cable
– 1 Key
– Startup Guide

Product information

  • A small highly functional device that can be mounted on the bat handle in seconds and provides in-depth analysis about shots played and thereby subsequently improving performances.
  • Mount on the bat handle and start evaluating shots real time.
  • Dynamic design of the sleeve allows the BatSense to be mounted on all bat sizes.
  • Free App to deliver seamless data on a smartphone.
  • Multitude of training videos curated by experts provides player with insight into improving performances.



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