Sonos One Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music (Black)

Speakers - Sonos One Wireless Smart Speaker For Streaming Music (Black)
Speakers - Sonos One Wireless Smart Speaker For Streaming Music (Black)
Speakers - Sonos One Wireless Smart Speaker For Streaming Music (Black)
Speakers - Sonos One Wireless Smart Speaker For Streaming Music (Black)


Sonos One Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music (Black)

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Stream Incredible Sound with the Hottest Wireless WIFI Speaker on the Market. It's the SONOS ONE and you can get it with 0% finance plans.

  • Hands down the best wireless speaker you can get
  • Rich, room-filling sound with future-ready voice control*
  • Will blow you away with it's incredible sound and volume
  • Touch controls are a tap away
  • Send songs, news and more to Sonos speakers in other rooms
  • Beautiful design to fit in any home
  • Proper Alexa integration + Google Assistant (in 2018)

Why you Need The Sonos One?

The smart speaker market is getting more crowded every day, but the Sonos One may be the most intelligent of them all.

That’s because Sonos is taking an agnostic approach to home automation and music streaming. It will work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. No matter which smart system you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to add Sonos’ multiroom goodness and control it by voice.


One Smart Speaker to Rule Them All" - TRUSTEDREVIEWS



Sonos One blends great sound with Amazon Alexa, the easy-to-use voice service, for future-ready voice control of your music and more. Use your voice to play songs while you cook. Tell Alexa to turn the volume up while you’re in the shower. You can even request your favourite lullaby when you’re tucking the kids in.

Sonos One One connects with Amazon Alexa easily over Wi-Fi. Just set up the speaker, select the Sonos skill in the Amazon Alexa app, and you’re all set to play music, get news and answers, manage your smart devices, and enjoy everything else Alexa does using nothing but your Sonos One.

Its seamless all-black or all-white colour, smooth matte finish fits in any room. When your phone is hiding or out of reach, touch controls pause, skip, or turn it up are always a tap away. And you can wirelessly connect Sonos One to other Sonos speakers throughout the house for music in any or every room.

Key Features

Superior sound
Enjoy surprisingly rich, room-filling sound from a smart speaker with future-ready voice control.

Multi-room listening
Sonos One wirelessly connects to Sonos speakers in additional rooms, allowing you to expand your Home Sound System when you’re ready.

Seamless design
Seamless all-black or all-white colour, smooth matte finish, durable metal grille for an appearance that fits in any home.

Control any way you want
Sonos One seamlessly syncs voice, app, and touch commands, enabling you to manage music with a single word, tap of the app, or swipe of the speaker. Combine voice with the Sonos app to manage all your music in one place.

Control Sonos with your future-ready voice control*
When supported in Australia, Sonos One will allow you to start and control your music with your voice. Use your voice and the Sonos app to control and manage all your music in one place: Spotify, Apple Music and coming soon Amazon Music, radio, podcasts and much more.

Everything that Alexa does
Play songs, check news and traffic, manage smart devices and enjoy all those other helpful Amazon Alexa skills using a single Sonos speaker.

*Voice control for Sonos is not supported in Australia, yet. These features will be available when Sonos and a voice service launch together in Australia.


Super service. Product arrived as expected, and came in 2 days. Will shop again. Thx!
Absolute pleasure to deal with. David was extremely helpful and overall a very pleasant experience.
Definitely the best electronics shop that offers zipPay. Love the earphones. Quality is great and will be back!
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