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Tamron TAP-in Console for Nikon F Lenses

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  • Used via TAP-in Utility App for Mac/PC
  • For Select Nikon F-Mount Tamron Lenses
  • Update Lens Firmware and Adjust Settings

Buy Tamron TAP-in Console for Nikon F Lenses


For Nikon F lenses, Tamron's TAP in Console allows users to tune the performance and update the firmware of select Tamron lenses. The attachment makes it easier to alter how SP-series lenses respond while in use. This console can be used with TAP in Utility software and Nikon F lenses at bayonet mounts in combination with the software. It allows non-automatic adjustments for over focus, focuses distance limiter, VC and full-time manual focus override. As well as updating firmware, the lens can also be updated by accessing a dedicated website while it is connected to the console. In addition to ensuring lens firmware is kept up to date and enabling settings to be customized for specific shooting tasks, the TAP in Console offers enhanced and personalized control over a wide range of lens settings.

Key Features

  • Customizing the Focus Limiter distance for lenses with dedicated switches gives you the ability to enter the specific distance ranges used to limit focus between close and far distances.
  • Features a Focus Limiter switch, this setting lets you configure the specific distance ranges, using near and far distances, the lens-based switch will constrain focus too.
  • For lenses featuring Vibration Compensation, a choice of three different VC modes can be selected for use, including an option to prioritize the viewfinder image stabilization, an option to prioritize stabilization during shooting, and an option to balance stabilization between the viewfinder and captured images.
  • Full-Time Manual Focus Override Customization: For lenses with full-time MF override, this setting lets you set the mode to ON or OFF as well as fine-tune the sensitivity of the focusing ring between High and Low ranges.


Lens Mount Nikon F
Computer Interface USB 2.0
Power Supply USB bus-powered
Power Source 500 mA (maximum)
Operating Environment 32-104°F / 0-40°C
85% or less humidity
Dimensions 2.8 x 1" / 72 x 26 mm
Weight 2.5 oz / 70 g


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