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Ubiquiti airFiber Multiplexer 8x8 MIMO Multiplexor

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  • RP-SMA Weatherproof Connectors
  • 7.2 dB Cable Loss
  • Supports AF-5X airFiber X Radio

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Upgrade your wireless network to multi-Gigabit throughput with the AF-MPX8 Scalable airFiber MIMO Multiplexer from Ubiquiti Networks. Mount four airFiber 5X radios to a single dish antenna using this multiplexer and enhance data throughput by up to 400% resulting in enhanced data speeds along with improved network redundancy. The quad radio configuration supports 8x8 MIMO coverage offering data transfer rates of up to 2 Gbps, which is perfect for large data transfers, multimedia streaming and much more. Additionally, the AF-MPX8 comes with built-in GPS synchronization to provide improved network timing while helping to eliminate traffic errors and congestion.

Key Features

  • The airFiber NxN is an engineered MIMO multiplexer that increases the throughput of your airFiber link by up to 400%, while simultaneously establishing redundancy without the need for additional antennas.
  • The airFiber NxN is a scalable MIMO multiplexer that combines multiple airFiber 5X radios on a single dish antenna for enhanced noise immunity performance, redundancy, and multi-Gigabit throughput.
  • Upgrading a 5 GHz airMAX or airFiber link is fast and easy. Simply attach the airFiber NxN to the fast-mount on the antenna and connect the RF cables.
  • Using a common GPS timing reference, the airFiber 5X radios work cohesively to deliver powerful, multi-Gigabit bridging performance for PtP links.
  • Simply mount four airFiber 5X radios for plug and play installation. You can use multiple channels-even adjacent channels with no guard band-and place them anywhere within the radio band.
  • Multiple airFiber 5X radios mounted on a single dish antenna maximizes throughput and capacity in a clean, compact tower footprint, minimizing tower costs.


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