Zero-X Rapture HD Drone

Drone - Zero-X Rapture HD Drone
Drone - Zero-X Rapture HD Drone
Drone - Zero-X Rapture HD Drone
Drone - Zero-X Rapture HD Drone
Drone - Zero-X Rapture HD Drone


Zero-X Rapture HD Drone

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"This Drone leads the way for Big Boys Toys"


The Zero-X RaptureHD is a nimble giant, the 48cm2 footprint does not get in the way of Rapture HDs manoeuvrability. If you're looking for a Drone - don't look past this one. 


With 2 speed settings to choose from, RaptureHD is easy for beginners to learn and fast enough to be enjoyed by advanced users.


The market for consumer drones is growing at a rapid pace. Going into 2015, the market was projected to hit around $130 million in sales. By 2018 that number is expects to soar to $1 billion.


Rapture HDs controller has a built in 4.3 first person view screen. This screen shows what the built in 720P camera is capturing in real time allowing you to line up your shot.


The Rapture HDs built in 720P camera captures high definition footage at the push of a button.


Rapture HDs 1000mAh battery allows for 10 minutes of flight time in a single charge so you spend less time on the ground.



Why We Love It

A few years ago if the word ‘drone’ was mentioned, you’d be forgiven for immediately thinking of a war zone. But these days the unmanned aircraft are involved in so much more than war and have become a hugely popular hobby for thousands across the nation.

Just recently Queensland hosted the 2016 Australian Drone Nationals with more than 60 competitors vying to become the national champ. They are Fun! Serious Fun! Everybody wants one and those that have them are the envy of their friends; so get yours today with zipPay 100% Interest Free.


Key Features:

60 metre Controllable Range
Fly Rapture 60 metres in any direction with unbroken recording capabilities

First Person View Get in the pilots seat with an FPV camera transmitting to Raptures remote control mounted LCD screen

Video Playback
Playback your flight footage on Raptures remote control mounted LCD screen

Remote Control Battery Raptures rechargeable 450mAh remote control battery gives you up to 20 minutes battery life while flying

6 Axis Gyroscope Flights will be steady and responsive using Rapture s on board gyroscopic stabilisation system

48cm² Footprint
Rapture is an agile giant with its 48cm x 48cm span for greater stability and visibility

360 Flips
Fly like an expert and perform aerobatic flips in any direction with the push of a button

3 Speed Modes
High, Medium and Low speed settings make Rapture easy to learn and nimble to manoeuvre

1,000mAh Battery Keep Rapture in the air with the 700mAh battery that provides up to 8 minutes of flight time


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