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The Definitive Guide to Best Laptops Deals Online in Australia 

Living in the 21st century, we all have experienced technology penetrating our daily lives, be it watching a movie on a long train journey, attending important zoom calls while catering to a family gathering, Laptops for college, professionals and schools have definitely become the need of the world today. It has not only given a new dimension to the business world but also redefined the way households are adapting and making the shift to laptops to execute their work in daily lives. Students, teenagers, housewives, adults, young entrepreneurs, chairpersons - everyone wants to have a lighter and portable laptop for themselves.

The strong point for a laptop is definitely the portability. You are not anymore bound by the limitation of winding up the work at a conference hall, or in a physical office, work on the go with wherever you happen to have your laptop plugged in. It not only helps in increasing your productivity but also maintains a healthy work-life balance.

Living in the era of portable devices, we now have a generation of remote workers and freelancers who are dependent on a laptop to the hilt. Well, definitely when used with the right intent, laptops have proved to be a blessing. Hence, understanding our customers and giving them the best experience, Zumi brings to you an exclusive and widest range of affordable laptops with the most lucrative online deals in Australia.

As for the students, they are thriving with the support of a laptop with no access to physical classrooms or peer to peer interaction in a world recuperating from the Covid pandemic. Millions and millions of students have reached degrees and skills in a virtual model. Youtube, google classrooms, e-books, e-news are all accessible at our fingertips. Laptops have truly become an indispensable part of our lives especially for students as it is an extremely crucial aspect being used in all stages of their educational cycle.

Zumi gives you the ease of browsing information about the latest launches in the world of laptops displaying the widest range from notebook to ultraportable, best gaming laptops, laptops designed to cater to specific graphic needs - Zumi brings to you a laptop to meet the requirements of every individual.

Buy the Latest laptops with Striking Features & Specifications

With the ever-increasing need, there has been stiff competition in the market with each of the brands claiming to give some of the other benefits. Is it sleek enough? Affordable? Better than the Macbook pro? To help you navigate through these questions, Zumi has the best-renowned brands like Apple, Acer, Lenovo, Huawei, HP, Microsoft, Asus, Dell and many more products displaying their products under Zumi to give the customers a seamless experience not only while researching but also buying through customer-friendly options of buy now, pay later through Zip pay mode.

Multitasking Made Easy With Power-Packed Laptops

In today’s world, we not only make use of laptops and other devices in our professional lives but also engage with them in our personal lives, be it learning a new skill after office or binge-watching those Netflix series, freelancing as a content creator or holding virtual gaming sessions with friends - it is no more about a single task or priority. Well, in that case, we all need a laptop that meets our different requirements with the features they offer.
Apple's Macbook Pro M1 priced at $2293 on our website is definitely on top of our list - an ideal laptop for most users. It offers 8GB of unified memory so that everything you do is fast and fluid.
Asus ZenBook Duo 14 is one laptop to take your multitasking game a notch higher. You can get a second screen just below the main one and you can use it for whatever you like, streaming Netflix to Spotify playlists to social media feeds - it’s just a treat. With 16 GB RAM and 10th gen intel core - it will give you plenty of power.

A few other favourites that offer a heavy load of running various programs at once are Lenovo Duet Chromebook with 4GB Ram and 128 GB storage has all the core security, speed and features. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 - with 16GB Ram, it adapts to the way you work with laptop-to-tablet versatility.

Whether you are a student juggling between projects, classes, music, assignments and many more or a young entrepreneur managing those endless video calls, editing, designing and scheduling calendars - Zumi has a laptop for every need.

Which is the Best Laptops Type That Suits You?

With so many variants under each brand and the changing world scenarios in the way we are working out of a remote setup or graduating with virtual classes or even taking up internship and projects to help build additional skills - it can be a herculean task to choose a laptop that can make the grade of all these qualities.

Do not panic, you have come to the right place as Zumi not only provides detailed information to help you make the best-informed decision while buying a laptop but also provides schemes like exchange offers and exciting deals and discounts on some of the best brands in the industry. A quick guide to help you decide on a laptop that suits your need:

Gaming Laptops

Are you someone who is a die-hard gaming fan? Or if you work on gaming features, Zumi has a variety of options especially for you. You can easily buy a gaming laptop within your budget today with the buy now, pay later option. Special HD gaming laptops from Dell like Dell G5 Special Edition Gaming Laptop are currently available at a great discounted deal of $1821 on Zumi.

Professional Laptops

If you are a working professional, the need for a great laptop can never be undermined. Most of your hours every day are spent in front of the screen, researching, typing, attending calls. Apple's Macbook Pro M1, Lenovo Duet Chromebook and Microsoft Surface Pro 7 makes it to the top of our list and suits every budget type. There are many more options to choose from. Visit here.

Laptops For Students

The past year has made us realise that laptops are a gadget not only used for entertainment purposes but they have become an indispensable part of a student's life. With no access to physical classrooms or peer to peer interaction in a world recuperating from the Covid pandemic - Youtube, google classrooms, e-books, e-news is all that is helping them cope up with their courses. All possible because of a good laptop. A few favs here are Apple's Macbook Pro M1 - an ideal laptop that tops the list for all users. Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5, HP Envy X360 2-In-1 Laptop offers a stylish design and competitive price - definitely, one of our best student laptops shortlist.

Laptops for Video Editing & Graphics

Whether you are a film studio or a video pro, we have got you covered with the best laptops for video editing and graphics online in Australia to help you breeze through those demanding editing tasks. Chief among the features to consider is definitely the battery life since video editing consumes much more power along with a powerful CPU and a graphics card with additional gigabytes of memory making up for the budget to consider while purchasing. Microsoft Surface Book 3 - offers the ultimate editing device with Intel Core i7 graphics and up to 1TB SSD storage. It’s also got an SD card reader in the keyboard section and supports pen input.

Shop Smartly and Conveniently

Standing true to its brand name, Zumi which means dancing in happiness truly believes in giving its customers the best-in-class shopping experience online in Australia. If you are making a shift from a desktop to a portable laptop or planning to buy the latest ultraportable design, or a gamer looking for perfect deals on gaming consoles and maybe are on a shoestring budget, you can never be disappointed with the kind of services Zumi has to offer. Truly holding its customers in high regard and wanting to be a part of making their experience worth the time and money, it has made the experience of buying the best laptops online in Australia in the friendliest way possible.
Zumi gives its customers the options of popular payment methods like Buy Now Pay Later on all their laptop purchases. The Buy gadgets and pay later allows you to buy the product and order it immediately, and pay its price in weekly instalments. Zip gives those young entrepreneurs and even students a chance to work with ease and comfort and fulfil their dreams with a hassle-free payment option. The main highlight for the Zip payment gateway is:

  • Buy the gadgets and order them immediately and you have to pay nothing upfront.
  • Easy interest-free payments. No hidden fees.
  • The option of flexible repayments - weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Whatever suits you the best.
  • A reusable account with a limit that suits your needs.
The future of laptops seems to be promising and exciting as in the post covid scenario, we foresee more and more people making the shift to a remote working set-up. At Zumi, we want to redefine the customer experience right from searching to making the final purchase on our website. With hassle-free payment options such as Buy now, pay later, the delivery being made in every part of Australia without any added cost, with 100% secured transactions while purchasing and many more amazing deals on upcoming launches, Zumi is the best place for all your laptop needs. Check out on Zumi now.


    We answer for you some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) to help you make the best-informed decision to buy laptops online in Australia:

    Which is the best laptop to buy for under $500?

    If you are on a strict budget, laptops under $500 are the cheapest option to go for. There are value-priced notebooks with long battery life. Our fav pick has to be the HP Chromebook which offers the best of work and play in one place. A minimalistic design with a sleep keyboard - we couldn't have asked for a better deal in this one.

    Which laptop is best for gaming?

    The one topping the charts in this one is definitely Dell G5 Special Edition Gaming Laptop (512 GB). With the next-generation AMD Ryzen 4000 series, you can revel in powerful performance without interrupting your gaming, streaming or videos. The G5 15 SE gaming laptop features a dual-fan cooling system to help spread out heat and keep your system responsive and cool during intense gameplay.

    How can I increase my laptop's speed? It is a Windows-based device?

    If you want to optimize your Windows 10 to make it less prone to performance issues, we bring you a few tips you can try. First, disable programs that run on startup. Stopping the programs that are running in the background that you rarely use makes your gadget run much faster. Second, clean out your hard disk. Deleting old junk files you no longer need can give a good speed boost. Lastly, restart your device, Although, this may sound doing this might improve the overall experience. As when you shut down the device, it closes all the applications and processes running for a long time slowing down the speed.

    What are the factors to be considered before buying a laptop?

    The different aspects to be factored in while making a laptop purchase depends on the kind of long-term use of that device and of course the budget. Other crucial factors include battery life, processor, screen quality, storage, size. It is important to do your homework well so as not to compromise on any aspect. If you are a game developer, a model which offers a high ram and good storage space is important to consider.

    What is the difference between an engineering laptop and one for art students?

    As a student, you have specific recommendations from your college or professors on the kind of laptops you shall need to work on various assignments and projects. Sporting a laptop definitely makes the courses much easier. Courses such as engineering will require more powerful laptops like Apple's Macbook Pro M1, while those studying art might prefer a laptop with a touch display for sketching such as Lenovo Ideapad C340 2-In-1 Touchscreen makes the best choice.